Dear PointPay family,

The first full week of November is coming to a close, with two weekends to go! It's a good time to reflect on the events that took place this week, both at PointPay and in the crypto sphere.

Let's start with the events at PointPay, of course! On Monday, our special holiday round of trading contests ended. Anyone who was interested could participate in trading pairs with USDT and compete for one of the 33 prizes. Congratulations to all winners!

During the competitions we noticed increased activity. The contest for high positions in the rankings was fierce! That's why we decided to hold another competition with slightly different conditions.

On Tuesday, November 7th we launched a new round of trading competitions. The condition remains the same - trade pairs with USDT. However, the number of winners has been reduced to only three. However, the prize amounts have increased!

  • 3rd place: $300
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 1st place: $1000

These are the highest rewards in the history of trading competitions on the PointPay platform! Anyone can participate - just follow the link, confirm your participation and start trading pairs with USDT. The results of the competition will be known two weeks after the start, on November 21st.

Also, PointPay now has new accounts on the Medium platform. Our main channel is in English, but that's not always enough. We have decided to translate our most important materials into three languages:

Currently, the new accounts already have a translated transcript of the latest AMA session, and soon this Weekly Update will be available in these languages as well!

Crypto Sphere News

The cryptocurrency world also presented us with several interesting developments this week! First and foremost, the community's attention was drawn to Bitcoin, which confidently crossed the $35,000 mark and, after a few days, reached $36,000, currently holding at $36,500. It's worth noting that bitcoin briefly reached $37,000, setting a new high for this year!

The rise in the price of the leading cryptocurrency led to a general uptrend in the market, which also boosted the market capitalization from $1.3 trillion to $1.4 trillion. A similar market volume was last seen 1.5 years ago, when the entire crypto market experienced a downturn.

Ethereum, the crypto-silver, also responded to the growth. Since July 2023, the price of this cryptocurrency had been gradually declining, but a few days ago, a sharp increase began. In just one day, ETH managed to increase its value by 10%, from $1914 to $2107. This is the highest price since April 2022!

Congratulations to all BTC and ETH holders!

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