The Weekly Update with all the changes for the week is ready for you to read! In this update you can also find out the winners of the weekly PointPay Trading and Bugs & Suggestions competitions!

The first round of the weekly PointPay competitions is over!

Meet our winners:

  • 16869699418, who gets 5,000 PXP for winning the Trading competition;
  • 15576891298, who gets 7,500 PXP for winning the Bugs & Suggestions competition.

Congratulations to the winners, and remember that the competitions are open to everyone! Check out the Trading and Bugs & Suggestions rules and win PXP in the next round, which will last until next Thursday, March 16!

Google form to submit your ideas and report bugs:

We also want to highlight a few runners-up who came very close to winning! Better luck next week!

  • 18257944491
  • 26886877183
  • 16028167259

Also among the most important changes: listing of new cryptocurrency on PointPay - SKALE (SKL). We also made a complex improvement of systems and services, which allowed the exchange to rise to 100-111 positions on CoinMarketCap.

Other news, details and winners of the first round of competitions are waiting for you in the full version:


  • Improved performance of XRP address display with Tag, which will allow users to make deposits correctly;
  • Listed new currency SKALE (SKL), which will allow our users to make transactions in the Bank and Exchange.


  • Added Bank push notification translations to CrowdIn, which will allow localization of notifications;
  • Implemented Buy/Sell currency pair sorting, which will allow to replace user's fiat currency by default, as well as sort cryptocurrencies by popularity;
  • Formalized Buy/Sell error format, which will allow standardization of error correction work in all client applications;
  • Updated a number of autotests in CryptoBank;
  • Improved the integration of two payment providers.


  • Improved system/services, which allowed to increase the exchange rating on CMC to position 100-111.

Mobile Apps


  • Completed part 4 of the float sending redesign by wallet address;
  • Updated transaction history texts;
  • Refactored work with multinetworks;
  • Hidden progress bar after getting max PXP level.

Improved display of

  • recent transactions on the dashboard;
  • exchange commission payments in PXP;
  • country flags;
  • currency icons;
  • amounts when voting in Lunchpad.


  • Updated a number of texts to better reflect the essence;
  • Added missing transfers to CrowdIn.


  • display of active sessions in settings;
  • the display of recent transactions on the Dashboard;
  • the handling of Regular and Savings accounts when transferring between them;
  • the interface of the token purchase screen in Lunchpad;
  • handling of transfers for transaction types in history;
  • hiding balances from prying eyes.


  • Migrated referral data from the old database to the new referral system, so that user profiles always show their referrals and referrers correctly;
  • Released a new header design on the home page;
  • Prepared for release new FAQ sections for Bank, Payment and Exchange;
  • Added minimum deposit amounts to

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week! Enter competitions, win PXP tokens and get discounted trading and withdrawal fees, and stake them to earn up to 7% APR!

Happy trading!

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