Dear PointPay family,

The working week is almost over, and we've had a lot of fun! Time for a recap!
We've implemented the Scoring service, which allows checking the legitimacy of withdrawal requests, and the KYC service. We have also developed a prototype integration for ACH payments. All our latest accomplishments are described in our Weekly Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application


  • the ability to leave a comment on the successful screen and the feedback itself in P2P;
  • the ability to not display the payment method in the flow of creating My Ads in P2P;
  • the ability to view information on the Seller/Buyer in P2P;
  • transition to the Seller Profile from Buy/Sell flow screens in P2P;
  • sockets on the Contracts flow in P2P;
  • display of comments on the Profile of the seller/buyer in P2P.


  • KYC error screens;
  • receiving a KYC error from the network.

For Android mobile application

  • Changed the withdrawal condition for KYC-1 and displayed the amounts and limits of each flow by blocks.


  • a shimmer to the Feedback screen in Profile in P2P;
  • the text “Max” in the fields “I will pay/receive” in the Buy/Sell flow in P2P; removed the display of the last 4 digits after the payment method;
  • processing KYC errors from the backend;
  • the ability to add photos from the gallery to P2P Chats.


  • KYC error screens;
  • the ability to leave a comment on the successful screen in P2P;
  • navigating from the KYC error to the Profile screen.

Interface Development

  • Improved the work of the message with a link when recovering a password;
  • Set up the correct validation of the KYC for specific users;
  • Debugged the program part of receiving events for the Referral Program and fixed errors on obtaining the PXP level;
  • Set up the work of Welcome letters; made corrections of translations and the display of confirmation in letters;
  • Increased the capacity of the video that can be uploaded using the Bug Report;
  • Removed the old Referral Program to prepare the connection to the new one.


  • an additional document to the Legal section in the footer (Refund and Return Policy);
  • a new Telegram field in the User Settings so that the user can provide it for further communication if desired.

CryptoBank Development

  • Updated limits on various operations depending on the KYC level;
  • Brought the design of hints in CryptoBank services in line with the layouts;
  • Improved sending emails when withdrawing funds from the account;
  • Prepared a CryptoBank B2B product description for further writing technical documentation;
  • Refactored a part of the CryptoBank functionality;
  • Connected a static code analyzer and made the proposed changes, increasing the quality by 2 levels.


  • KYC verification in Unified Balances and CryptoBank in Withdrawals, CryptoLoans, and Staking to increase the security of funds;
  • repayment of the CryptoLoan at the expense of the CryptoPledge.

Exchange Development

  • Added Average Price to Order History.


  • the work of Quick Exchange in terms of repeated requests;
  • API for the Market Date service for faster Exchange operation;
  • the work of the balance service to increase the speed of the Exchange operation;
  • internal development environment;
  • book order service for faster processing on the frontend;
  • order canceling (complex orders are now canceled).

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Developed a prototype integration for ACH payments via Plaid + Circle.


  • the Scoring service, which allows checking the legitimacy of withdrawal requests (automatic + manual verification);
  • the KYC service.

P2P Development

  • Implemented auto-cancellation of a contract when a deposit failed;
  • Conducted extensive testing of all product features;
  • Made a common frame for the new admin panel, prepared the admin panel for the integration of other services (Talent and Escrow);
  • Optimized the internal logic for the Chat by adding information about the chat participants;
  • Improved mechanism for transferring files in Chats between users.


  • optional fields in payment methods;
  • several fields for editing the payment method;
  • the ability to attach a file to a message in the Chat.

Launchboard Development

  • Refactored a mechanism through which we are looking for projects for placement;
  • Tested and validated the Voting module.


  • the voting logic by implementing precise time frames (up to minutes);
  • the display of the bottom panel of the project on the Voting; removed the invalid “website” button;
  • the display of project avatars in Voting.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Synchronized internal terminology on the backend in order to clean up the project code;
  • Completed the decomposition of the role system in the new admin panel;
  • Started work on a new admin panel, which will have extended functionality compared to the current one;


  • a basic version of a desktop application without design and tracking functionality;
  • a schema in Swagger for regular contract endpoints. This scheme will allow further implementation of the internal logic and calculations itself, as well as building an interface of a new type of contract on it.


  • new entities on the backend for hourly contracts and made migrations in databases;
  • a role system for service administration and moderation.

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