Dear PointPay family,

It’s been a pretty tough week. We did our best to push the development progress forward and are ready to share the results in our Weekly Update.

You can check it in our Weekly Update!

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Mobile apps


  • Tested the ability to leave a comment about a seller/buyer when leaving a feedback in P2P, so that users can leave comments so other users can see if the user is trustworthy or not;
  • Improved versioning of the handpoint which is responsible for Sell Crypto from v2 to v1, so that the handpoint would work and users could withdraw funds as soon as Payments is improved, which is why you can't withdraw cryptocurrency now;
  • Completed implementation of displaying incorrect KYC level in Sell Crypto, Send To Wallet, Send By Email, Invoices (payment only) to let users see KYC level data and bring it to Profile, where they can raise their KYC level for the desired flow;
  • Implemented the technical task of handling sending errors in Chat within the Chat flow logic in P2P;
  • Added displaying validation errors in My Ads flow in P2P, so users could see exactly which fields an error was made in.


  • Implemented Chat logic in P2P along with socket so that users can correspond with each other and so that screens can update by socket;
  • Added Status, Type, Crypto filters to the My Ads screen in P2P so users can filter their ads;
  • Added display of commission to ad author when creating ad in P2P, so users can understand in advance what commission will be withheld;
  • Finished testing UI mapping on the Android side, so that users could see the processed KYC level incorrectness with the design, rather than just a code error from the backend.


  • Implemented a functionality that allows P2P nickname input for specific characters only, so users can write only English letters, numbers and special characters ("-" / "_");
  • Changed the conditions for all KYC levels, so that users can see which limits for which Flow have changed.


  • Implemented receiving data on spent and available values for a specific transaction based on KYC limits, which will allow implementing an information table on CryptoLoans;
  • Implemented transaction rollback in CryptoBank in case of transaction creation error in Unified Balances to avoid freezing of funds in the system;
  • Implemented  KYC limit validation in CryptoLoans for mobile devices, so that availability is checked before creating a CryptoLoan, rather than during the approval process;
  • Added 2FA verification to Invoices and Gift Cards to greatly enhance security;
  • Added Staking the ability to invest maximum amount in “one click”;
  • Completed integration of the server application with Crowdin service and uploaded all types of errors there for translation, so that they are displayed to the user in a localized form;
  • Complete redesign of the tooltips to make them easier to read;
  • Created a new page on limits in CryptoLoans, where the user can see the current KYC level, the remaining limit and a table with the dependence of the limits on the level of KYC.


  • Improved the operation of Order Book, now the speed of operation and response will increase for users;
  • Improved the scaling of prices on the Exchange, now the scale will match the price of the currency;
  • Improved the order filtering in the history of transactions to make it easier for users to view the history for certain dates;
  • Improved the logic of candlesticks display, especially the monthly ones. Now they will correspond to calendar segments;
  • Added information about open orders to the Order History to meet the standards of other Exchanges, so that users can see not only closed orders;
  • Added tools to Quick Exchange, so that users can perform faster transactions for the instruments that interest them.

Withdrawals and Payment System

  • Completed work on Withdrawals. We have stabilized the processing of requests. This allows our clients to withdraw funds to external wallets. To activate PXP withdrawals now you need to contact Customer support;
  • Completed 50% development on ACH payments via Circle/Plaid.
  • Finalized improvements on KYC Limits. This allows users to pass KYC verification on all key PointPay transactions;
  • Finalized handling of currencies in the Go Gateway service, which allows us to optimize work on deposits and withdrawals.


  • Opened product logic to make it possible for a user who is not registered to view the ads page to immediately view the offers on the Marketplace;
  • Opened P2P page for unregistered users (not yet released).
  • Implemented mechanism for determining the key business indicators (we will know the number of contracts created, their success, traffic, etc.);
  • Implemented endpoint for testing in mobile apps.
  • Added validation of user nickname, leaving only Latin letters and digits;
  • Added icons to all existing payment methods, for better display.
  • Revised the Chat contract logic, adding some additional internal parameters. Now the chat will work more correctly.


  • Made the post-voting stacking stage more flexible, with the ability to customize it for a particular project, based on requirements;
  • Implemented the logic of recalculation of PXP into votes in the Voting module, so that a user's PXPs will be converted into votes at a certain set rank, and the user will see exactly how many votes they received;
  • Added percentage and number of votes to project cards in Voting and redesigned the layout of project cards in general to make the display more pleasing to the eye;
  • Finalized the Apply for Listing and Apply for Launchboard modules, improving their display and replacing the remaining fields with design version 3.0;
  • Did an internal redesign of the API for adding projects to Listing and Launchboard. Now everything works correctly.

HR Talent

  • Implemented role-based logic for the new admin panel to make a scalable and feature-rich admin panel based on it;
  • Implemented autotests for the hourly contract endpoint scheme to minimize the possibility of future bugs in hourly contracts;
  • Implemented an endpoint to save tracking settings in an hourly contract;
  • Implemented the first option of tracker application with PointPay account login;
  • Implemented an endpoint to save tracking settings in the application.
  • Updated HR Talent's handling of KYC limits. Made proper processing and displaying of incorrect KYC levels.


  • Checked the API for bug specs for the Home page and Authorization, so that the user has a valid and secure user flow;
  • Added a disclaimer for NFTSky when switching from the ecosystem menu;
  • Parsed improvements with team on 2FA notifications, wrote instructions for other teams on proper integration
  • Improved the functionality of the KYC page so that the KYC walkthrough page opens when transitioning from other products;
  • Upgraded Angular to version 14 in Auth, Referral Program, Exchange, HR Talent, Escrow, CryptoBank, Payment System, P2P,, UI Kit projects to improve development process and enable developers to use new framework features;
  • Optimized endpoint API for notifications list so that this data is shown to user faster on page load;
  • Implemented XSS Sanitizer for translations from Crowdin to improve product security and prevent possible XSS attacks through translation files.


  • Implemented the user rights. Now the rights will be located not in the Escrow project, but in the common admin panel.

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