Dear PointPay family,

It's Friday, which means it's time for our Weekly Update. This time, we have a different format, but let's start as usual by announcing the winners of our competitions!

  • In the Trading competition, the victor is 26010295972, who will receive 5,000 PXP.
  • In the Bug&Suggestions competition, the winner is 14855815365, who will be awarded 7,500 PXP!

Congratulations to the winners! We would also like to introduce a new round of competitions, scheduled to conclude on June 15. You can either engage in trading on our upgraded exchange with any trading pairs or submit your ideas for platform development and any bugs you have discovered via the dedicated Bug&Suggestions form.

Your assistance is invaluable to us at this moment! We recently launched a completely revamped platform on our website and applications, investing considerable effort in enhancing both the interface and functionality. Despite our thorough testing and verification processes, there is a possibility that various bugs may have slipped through. Currently, we are diligently searching for and resolving any issues, but we could use your help. If you come across a bug or a flaw, please inform us either through our support channels or by utilizing the dedicated Bug&Suggestions form for the competition. Your efforts will be rewarded!

Our teams are currently focused on maintaining the stability of the platform, which has resulted in the postponement of updates and changes. Additionally, the new version of our iOS application is awaiting approval from Apple and is expected to become available within a few days. However, this does not imply that we have nothing to share with you!

We are excited to announce that the value of our PXP token has increased by nearly 37% since the update was announced! On May 25, the token was priced at approximately $0.013 per PXP. As of June 9, the price has risen to $0.018 per PXP.

Source: PXP price chart, 25 May — 9 June, CoinMarketCap

Furthermore, PointPay has been continuously improving and evolving since the beginning of 2023. We have introduced new trading pairs, added exciting features, and regularly conducted competitions. PointPay Exchange has solidified its position among the top 100 platforms on CoinMarketCap and top 50 platforms on CoinGecko!


As a testament to this progress, the value of PXP has steadily grown throughout the year, reflecting the enhanced platform quality and expanding user base. In early 2023, PXP started at $0.009, and today, it is trading at $0.018, representing an impressive 101% growth!

Source: PXP price chart, beginning of 2023 — 9 June, CoinMarketCap

We extend our gratitude to all those who stood by PointPay during the challenging past year. We warmly welcome newcomers who have joined us in 2023. Rest assured, this is just the beginning. In the near future, we will continue to build upon our success and establish ourselves as one of the premier cryptocurrency platforms!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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