The Weekly Update with all the changes that happened is ready to be seen. Most notable news - we released new mobile apps versions for Android and iOS. Furthermore, we implemented a new Trading API to the Open Orders list. In addition, our team optimized Matcher and moved it to the Go language.

More news and details can be found in the full version:


  • Loaded all hanging deposits from Fireblocks.

Completed the

  • revision of the White Label and the sum of the Scoring outputs;
  • development of multi-network support for currencies in Unified Balances and Go Gateway v1;
  • development of Funds on freeze support for Scoring at 30%.


  • Implemented Portfolio and Transaction History widgets as part of the Dashboard task;
  • Changed the Wire payments flow and implemented its design for a more user-friendly experience;
  • Refactored e-mail notifications;
  • Combined Transaction History opcodes.


  • business logic development of the statistics service;
  • the pre-production phase of a new version of Buy/Sell Crypto for further development.


  • Completed Events service development, which will show the main events for currencies in the Exchange terminal;
  • Released a new version of Matcher in Go language, making it faster and more resilient;
  • Added diagnostic messages to the Matcher for better monitoring;
  • Audited internal monitoring and updated charts that show the effectiveness of the Exchange's processes;
  • Integrated new Trading API to the Open Orders list in order to improve the speed in the Exchange Terminal and the Order History;
  • Optimized Matcher's efficiency, improving its performance.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved PXP Voting performance;
  • Implemented Sign In Without Registration and made changes to the Dashboard;
  • Released version 7.9.0 on the App Store with tasks like Launchpad and bug fixes;
  • Checked profile editing for first name, last name and username to allow users to change them;
  • Changed the Accounts tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow so that the user understands what is available without registration.


  • Released version 6.6.0 on Play Market;
  • Displayed the Voting completion countdown in days, hours, and minutes in the PXP Voting flow;
  • Changed the Services tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow so that the user understands what is available without registration;
  • Hid balance switch between BTC and fiat which is selected in user settings for unauthenticated users.


  • Made changes to the Exchange and Payments tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow so that the user understands what is available without registration.


  • Prepared the new trading charts for testing, where iFrame data is downloaded first;
  • Moved texts from the Errors project to PointPay project in Crowdin, as part of a technical task;
  • Updated the menu by adding current CryptoBank products to the CryptoBank and Ecosystem menu sections.


  • Middleware library to check user's B2B and B2C affiliation;
  • KYC pass event sending to SNS and restarted to finalize sync with SumSub service.

Improved the

  • stability of the test environment on the Home Page and Referral Program;
  • percentage calculation for the Referral Program by adjusting the correct display and updating the calculation of 40%;
  • display of user levels in the profile by adding the remaining amount to the next level and the Purchase PXP button.


  • Updated the design for successful projects on Voting;
  • Changed the link to the listing form in the website footer;
  • Implemented an endpoint that returns information to CryptoBank about funds on Voting.


  • link to Risk and Disclaimer file in both website and project headers;
  • an email newsletter for all important events (buying tokens, returning staked tokens, etc.).


  • the display of labels on the project card, so that the current statuses of projects are always visible;
  • the display of projects on the Voting.

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