Dear PointPay family,

Another wonderful week has drawn to a close, signifying the time to summarize at PointPay. Over this period, several intriguing events have unfolded, and you wouldn’t want to miss them!

PointPay News

We continue to exhibit a steadfast commitment to expanding the assortment of assets on our platform and increasing trading pairs. On December 5, we conducted a listing for multiple assets simultaneously. Six different cryptocurrencies have joined our platform, broadening the opportunities for our users.

Among these new cryptocurrencies, you can find: (PERL), Waltonchain (WTC), Hooked Protocol (HOOK), Gifto (GFT), (FET), and Bounce Token (AUCTION). Each asset represents a unique project, enriching the PointPay assortment. You can explore these new cryptocurrencies right away!

On Wednesday, we prepared a transcript of our regular AMA session. This session occurs on the last Thursday of every month, bringing forth a wealth of news, discussions, and announcements. However, not everyone can catch it live or in recordings. Thus, for the convenience of our users, we’re preparing a text version containing all the information discussed during the live session.

By reading the transcript, you’ll be updated on all the events from the previous month. Moreover, you’ll learn about upcoming significant announcements and delve into details about our progress firsthand from PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

On Thursday, Hanukkah began. Traditionally, this celebration lasts for 8 days and nights. During this event, candles are lit each evening on a special menorah. Each candle symbolizes one day of celebration, totaling 8 candles. The festival is a time of joy, family gatherings, and commemorating historical events.

To mark this occasion, PointPay launched themed USDT trading competitions in honor of Hanukkah. These competitions will run for exactly 8 days, from December 7 to 15. The uniqueness of this competition lies in the number of prize positions — there’s only one! However, the winner takes home the entire impressive prize pool of $20,000! Participate and seize your chance!

Cryptocurrency News

The highlight in the crypto community this week was Bitcoin. Starting its ascent at the beginning of December, the digital gold shows no signs of stopping! Throughout this week, Bitcoin tested and surpassed increasingly higher price levels. The peak achieved was $44,300! At the moment, the price has slightly retraced to $43,180.

This surge could potentially be linked to the renewal of Bitcoin-ETF applications. As part of their collaboration, the SEC and companies continue to refine proposals for launching ETFs. The new application version is a result of joint efforts and may indicate significant progress toward launching the first Bitcoin-ETFs in the US.

Additionally, on December 6, the Dogecoin community celebrated. Incredibly, what was once a mere joke coin marked its tenth anniversary! A genuine milestone, during which DOGE traders even managed to reach $0.01. PointPay congratulates the entire community of this wonderful meme currency and wishes further development!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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