The weekly update is ready! It was a very productive week, as a result of which we were able to make dozens of different improvements as well as release new versions of the mobile apps. Among other things, starting from today a part of our services has been mothballed such as a few secondary CryptoBank services, HR Talent, Escrow or P2P. So that we can work more closely on the core elements of PointPay ecosystem.

Don't miss the opportunity to read the details of all the changes in the full version of the Update below!

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Conducted an audit of user withdrawal requests and user funds, which allowed the processing of more than 500 withdrawal requests;
  • Audited deposits sent to the old wallets in the gateway after the transition to Unified Balances on May 27. This will correct the balance of users who have mistakenly sent funds to old addresses;
  • Finalized the Scoring system and Unified Balances to automatically process withdrawal requests on the basis of the WhiteLabel user.


  • Restructured and mothballed CryptoBank's secondary services: Gift Cards, CryptoLoans, and Invoices;
  • Changed Staking rates and added a new tier from 5,000,000 PXP;
  • Made a release of CryptoBank's B2B direction for corporate clients.


  • the CryptoBank project and made the Invoice and Gift Card services self-sufficient to simplify support;
  • the old CryptoLoans first version code as part of the conservation of services.


  • Made revisions on CMC API, now we produce the data on trades faster;
  • Finished developing Trade History in the terminal to make this information available for users;
  • Introduced the additional services for cooperation with the new API for the system unification;
  • Added functionality for automatically adding exchange rebates to the terminal, which will allow the development of loyalty mechanisms in a more flexible way;
  • Updated the Exchange core logic based on the test results, which will allow building a system to monitor functionality.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented viewing project information in Launchpad flow so that users could see brief information about the project;
  • Replaced the display of the fiat currency code with a sign so that users could see a $ sign instead of USD, for example;
  • Added animation to Launchpad flow purchase button so user could see successful or unsuccessful purchase animation at the end of flow;
  • Removed the dot in notifications on the Dashboard screen if there are no new notifications, so that the user will only see the dot if there are unread notifications;
  • Removed services that were mothballed.

Released version 7.8.2 of the app, which included new:

  • Accounts Tab;
  • History Widget On Dashboard;
  • Bug fixes in the App Store.


  • Added a filter by date to History Widget On Dashboard Flow so that the user can view transactions on Regular/Savings accounts on specified dates within the filter;
  • Removed services that were mothballed.

Released app version 6.5.3 including new:

  • Accounts Tab;
  • Bug Fixes in Play Market.


  • the Profit section with information on Referral Program rewards, so the user can see his statistics on his Referral Program;
  • Referral Link section in Referral Program so users can see their QR code, referral code and referral link;
  • display of detailed information on transactions in the History Widget on Dashboard Flow, so that the user can go inside any transaction and see the details: date, time, transaction id, etc.


  • Improved the display of receiving notifications under the bell on the site by correcting inconsistencies and reconfiguring the receipt of notifications;
  • Completed an investigation and re-configured the instant translation of all product pages, so that all users would have the translation language of the texts immediately from their settings;
  • Drew up and prepared for integration with the backend the page for implementation of User levels, so that users would have additional motivation to participate in our ecosystem;
  • Made a corporate account release to bring businesses to our platform who could get a comfortable experience using our platform.


  • the FAQs for several sections and products so that users would have up-to-date information;
  • the Staking percentages on the Home page and PXP Board due to changes within the product, so users would be aware of the current rate;
  • the menu on the site, hiding products that were mothballed.

HR Talent

  • Conducted product testing in a production environment;
  • Improved the system of invites, updated the UI elements to improve the User Experience;
  • Mothballed the service.


  • Mothballed the service.


  • Started working on new types of Voting (Battle, Competition).


  • Made selections in the choice of payment methods to be able to select multiple payment methods to search for ads simultaneously for a more convenient search on the page;
  • Mothballed the service.


  • the display of payment methods, so that the text of the payment method is displayed instead of the key;
  • the display of texts in the dark theme, removing moments where the text could be black in some places;
  • the display of the positive and negative feedback chart by making it work correctly. Now it correctly shows the number of positive reviews;
  • the login to the system from the P2P page, so that after login the user was returned to P2P and there were full-fledged filters.

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