It's Friday, which means we're ready to share with you the results of our work for the week. You can find all the improvements, updates and changes at the link below.
Check the Friday Update below!

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Processed user withdrawal requests through Custodians;
  • Finalized internal tools for Alerting and Monitoring the movement of funds in the blockchain. It allows us to handle different situations on Custodians proactively;
  • Launched Simplex to Buy Crypto. It allows our clients to buy cryptocurrency through the Simplex payment provider.


  • Go Gateway in terms of deposit processing. This allows our customers to get funds to their PointPay wallets faster;
  • tool for checking the user's balances, which allows us to check the legitimacy of the user's funds.


  • Increased performance of the server application to avoid load problems.


  • marketing blocks to increase conversion;
  • filter reset in the Transaction History to make it easier to use the Exchange


  • Transfer the section with Savings for more convenient work with this product;
  • the library used for calculations to avoid errors.


  • Completed work on new Order History and transaction pages for the Exchange, making it much easier to use;
  • Implemented a services page for developers to make it easier for employees to understand complex products.


  • elaborating the kleins for charts (price indicators inside a candle), this data is very useful for more professional traders;
  • order placement API for the new trading API service so that soon it will be possible to connect to the Exchange conveniently via API.


  • top-level business logic for margin trading;
  • plan to migrate the data exchange service to a new infrastructure, which will increase the operating speed of the Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Added a separate Accounts tab in the bottom navbar to the right of the tab Payments, which will now display all of the detailed information on users' balances.


  • transmission of the Price value when placing a Stop-Limit order on the Exchange so that users can conveniently use this flow;
  • display of information on CryptoLoan for users to see this information correctly;
  • display of insufficient KYC level when creating My Ads in the P2P flow so that users understand that they need to reach the required KYC level to create an ad;


  • viewing of specific transaction information in the history of transactions in the Accounts tab so that the user can see the amount of cryptocurrency, status, transaction type, transaction fee, transaction id, and date;
  • Regular tab in the new Accounts tab, where users can see their balances for each currency.


  • Handled the new insufficient KYC level format so that users would get the correct KYC warning;
  • Improved flow of data changes in the Profile tab for those who have not passed the KYC , so that these users can change the data.


  • separate Accounts tab in the bottom navbar to the right of the Payments tab, which will now display all of the detailed information about users' balances;
  • UI display of the widget of the last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts so that the user can see the widget on the Dashboard. As soon as CryptoBank side makes an endpoint that will return the last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts, we will be able to finish this task completely.


  • regular tab in the new Accounts tab, where users can see their balances for each of the currencies;
  • detailed information screen for the particular cryptocurrency, where users can see the history of transactions of that cryptocurrency.


  • Reviewed tasks to improve the logging and error handling of KYC passes to optimize this process for users;
  • Prepared tasks to automate the unloading of the Live Roadmap for transfer to the admin panel team to save time on unloading updated data in the future;
  • Conducted an investigation related to security and two-factor protection, identifying actions we will implement in the next two weeks to further improve user security;
  • Wrote a script to identify unused modules that are part of the build, to optimize the development process and later more easily implement the UI Kit build as a separate package;
  • Reset passwords and send a newsletter about it in order to improve user security;
  • Improved the mechanism of getting payouts and counting statistics for the Referral Program so that users can use it smoothly.

HR Talent

  • Improved the operation of dates in the regular contract so that they are displayed correctly;
  • Wrote autotests for all the tracking endpoints in hourly contracts.

Made it possible to

  • edit the roles in the interface of the admin panel for easier management of moderators and administrators of different services;
  • send an invitations to a contracts through messenger so that clients and talents would have a more intuitive mechanism for interacting with the invitations.


  • mechanism to initiate contract tracking;
  • screenshot mechanism in the desktop app so that the tracker can take screenshots while the Talent is working.


  • Updated the Voting Records tab by removing uninformative fields and tweaking the texts on the page to make it clearer to the user.


  • configuration of the voting type from the admin panel, so you can choose whether or not a project will have a sticking stage in Voting;
  • different states for displaying invites in messenger so that the Talent and the Client could see what state the invite was in (accepted, declined, waiting for action).


  • possible to buy project tokens for various cryptocurrencies, not only for USDT;
  • minimum and maximum customizable for PXP token stacking in Voting so that each project can choose how much minimum and maximum the user will be able to send to the vote.


  • endpoint to receive the number of tokens for the project so that the customer could see how many tokens were kept on their balance;
  • “How to buy PXP” button on the Voting page so that users can see detailed instructions.


  • Improved Escrow's performance in the direction of critical vulnerabilities found in the DevOps team's research.


  • Added icons for all payment methods, now visible in the mobile app.


  • ad search filters so that they work stably;
  • development flow by adding command in the development branch push processing;
  • display of transaction volume in the contract window so that rounding works correctly and small amounts like 0.00001 are shown as 0.

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