Dear PointPay family,

The end of the week has come, which means it's time to summarize it in our Weekly Update. This week has been particularly exciting as we conducted numerous major updates. We have updated our website, application, various interfaces, and systems, including exchanges and the crypto bank. In light of these updates, we were even able to set a record, climbing to the 47th position in the CoinGecko ranking!

However, before moving on to the changes, we would like to announce the winners of the competitions this week:

  • 25404318329 wins the Trading competition and receives 5,000 PXP.
  • 25404258936 wins the Bug & Suggestions competition and receives 7,500 PXP.

Congratulations to the winners! Your rewards will be credited within a few business days. Additionally, a new round of competitions has already started: trade on the updated exchange or submit ideas for improving the PointPay platform through the dedicated form and win PXP tokens!

Before we proceed, we would like to remind you that as part of the update, wallet addresses have changed. Therefore, we strongly urge you to be attentive when sending funds to PointPay wallets. Make sure you use the new, valid wallet address. If funds are sent to the old address, they will be lost!

And now, let's review the changes!

PointPay Weekly Update


  • Updated as part of the platform's global update:
  • Improved data processing systems;
  • Enhanced integration with other internal services;
  • Wallet addresses have been changed due to the update. Users have been assigned new addresses that should be used for fund transfers.


  • Updated interfaces of all related services in line with modern standards;
  • Relaunch of Staking and Savings systems to implement new calculation methods and enhance processes.


  • Redesigned interface that adheres to the best UI/UX practices;
  • Improved functionality: reduced execution time, system load, increased speed, and fault tolerance.

Mobile Apps


  • Released a new application with an updated interface and functionality. The app now has the same functionality as the website;
  • Improved performance of all services, making the app faster and more responsive to users;
  • The app is currently under review by Apple and will be available soon.


  • Released a new version of the application, which is already available to users;
  • Completely redesigned interface that adheres to the best UI/UX practices, providing users with a seamless experience;
  • Improved and restructured services. The app will now work even faster and support a larger user load.


  • UI/UX overhaul as part of the global update. The most frequently used sections of the website have been improved;
  • Enhanced user experience when using the site for standard user scenarios;
  • Reduced loading and rendering times of interfaces;
  • Decreased backend requests, thereby reducing resource consumption.


  • Interface and functionality updates as part of the global update. Users can now navigate the service more easily and access more useful information about ongoing or past events;
  • Improved methods of interaction between users and the service. Participating in events has become easier and more convenient.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!


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