Dear PointPay family,

Fall has arrived, and we are enjoying the last warm days. Let's see what we managed to do during the last summer moments!
We've implemented the ability to see feedback on the partner before the start of a contract. We've also added the top-10 payment methods in the world as a choice for fiat transfer in contracts. In addition, we created a Transaction Confirmation Form for Quick Exchange to improve user experience.
Find out more in our Friday Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Switched to using API with versioning;
  • Changed KYC conditions so that users can see updates in the KYC table;
  • Linked text messages, input field, widgets, and media files in the Chats flow in P2P;
  • Fixed the titles on the “Total Amount Step” and “Remarks Step” screens;
  • Checked what data we get after installing the application in order to pass it to the backend team;
  • Renamed the “Auto-Replay” field to “Auto-Reply” in the P2P ad creation flow.


  • “Waiting for the Seller's Confirmation” screen in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • “Waiting for the Buyer’s Payment” screen in the Sell flow in P2P;
  • Dispute flow in P2P;
  • the final screens in the Buy and Sell flows in P2P;
  • the ability to add photos from the gallery to the Chats flow in P2P.


  • displaying the commission to the author of the ad in P2P;
  • navigation for the Dispute flow from the Buy and Sell flows in P2P;
  • navigation for the Profile tab in P2P;
  • contract cancellation screen if the buyer has canceled the contract in P2P.


  • editing My Ads flow in P2P;
  • editing the Nickname and Time Zone during the creation of My Ads in P2P;
  • the “Waiting for the Seller's Confirmation” screen in P2P;
  • the “Add a New Payment Method” screen in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • the “Select Payment Method” screen;
  • displaying the “Back” button in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • switching keyboard layout.

For Android mobile application

  • Switched to using API with versioning;
  • Changed KYC conditions so that users can see updates in the KYC table;
  • Completely implemented the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • Removed the notification of changes related to the transition to the Unified Balances.

Conducted testing of

  • Profile tabs in P2P;
  • Contracts tabs in P2P.


  • Chat interface in P2P;
  • Dispute In Progress screen in P2P;
  • the ability to view information on the seller/buyer in P2P;
  • exit from the P2P tab after a maximum of 4 transitions;


  • the flow of adding a new payment method in P2P;
  • the P2P tab, which displays ads for sale and purchase;
  • the display of the positive/negative feedback scale in P2P;
  • withdrawal of the minimum repayment amount in the Partial Repayment flow inside CryptoLoans.


  • Core socket module to epic P2P;
  • Shimmer on the Search screen for a Payment Method in P2P;
  • navigation to the Profile screen after adding a new P2P payment method;
  • the CryptoBank icon in the Add/Edit Payment Method in P2P;
  • displaying a comment in the Seller/Buyer Profile in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Prepared a separate Registration page for the upcoming conference;
  • Changed the order of the Authorization and Registration buttons in the header of the mobile version;
  • Added permission to display the site in an iframe for analytics on the Exchange projects and payments; transferred the task to the Exchange team to complete the process;
  • Applied new design breakpoints for the Home Page, Authorization, CryptoBank, Exchange, and Payout projects;
  • Reconfigured and successfully tested SQS and message passing;
  • Made instructions for new design breakpoints for all teams;
  • Removed duplicate text on the Registration page;
  • Added the ability to download videos for the Bug Report;
  • Investigated why an authorized user sometimes does not see notifications in the notifications section.


  • the description of the KYC levels in the personal account;
  • the display of the Sign in/Sign up buttons when opening the menu.


  • display of the current level of the user's KYC;
  • consumption from the SNS through the referral program;
  • responsiveness of the Report a Bug button.

CryptoBank Development

  • Improved sending a successful withdrawal email before 2FA is completed;
  • Switched to the Nexus package manager to simplify front-end development;
  • Removed the limit on the number of crypto loans due to the transition to KYC limits;
  • Agreed design for user-suggested improvements;
  • Replaced the interface of accounts in Wallet with “Accounts summary” from CryptoBank as part of the redesign.


  • the CryptoLoans payment schedule with tests;
  • error handling for limits based on KYC with tests.


  • the first part of the Gift Card component as part of the CryptoBank redesign;
  • processing KYC errors on the front-end in all CryptoBank services;
  • the CryptoLoan payment after a successful currency exchange;
  • validation by KYC in a separate route so that before performing an operation in Balances, the user understands whether this operation is available for a given amount;
  • to get available user limits to display them in the interface;
  • the general structure of the Gift Cards section as part of the CryptoBank redesign;
  • a transaction handler in the Unified Balances for the subsequent implementation of the repayment of CryptoLoan at the expense of the Crypto Collateral.


  • the Gift Cards section as part of the CryptoBank Homepage redesign;
  • the 2nd stage of checking non-returned staking;
  • a list of Gift Cards as part of the CryptoBank redesign;
  • error handling from Unified Balances in CryptoBank.

Exchange Development

  • Removed LTC/ETH trading pair from the Quick Exchange;
  • Created a Transaction Confirmation Form for Quick Exchange to improve user experience;
  • Made an evaluation on infrastructure adjustments from the DevOps team;
  • Released fixed API versions for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


  • liquidity auto tests;
  • search for incorrect accruals;
  • redesign of Quick Exchange;
  • PXP utility for the Exchange, now users will be able to pay commission in PXP.


  • placing stop orders;
  • the logic for displaying candlesticks on the chart;
  • Market Date service for integration with the front end;
  • Stop limit and market orders performance.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Prepared a new Scoring/Validator service for release. It allows checking the legitimacy of funds for withdrawal.


  • the work of the Unified Balances in terms of loading deposits. This allows our clients to display deposits from Custodians faster;
  • operation of the service for working with Custodians in terms of handling errors, reflecting the correctness of operations and statuses.

P2P Development

  • Made improvements to the regular chat under the contract;
  • Added an API to return a list of reasons for Disputes with transfers;
  • Changed the name of the user UUIDs field to user IDs on the backend for the mobile clients to work correctly;
  • Implemented the ability to see feedback on the partner before the start of the contract;
  • Added the top 10 payment methods in the world as a choice for fiat transfer in a contract or announcement;
  • Improved entity backend to correctly display payment methods in mobile P2P;
  • Updated Swagger, made all records up-to-date.


  • requests for the implementation of mobile P2P, added additional filtering, and removed required fields;
  • the Disputes process by adding a chat with a moderator;
  • the work of the P2P backend by fixing internal problems found during the regression;
  • user interaction through Chat, fixing a possible error when trying to read a message;
  • the work of changing contract statuses;
  • working with cookie files, fixing an error when passing internal requests;
  • display message history when opened;
  • display the timer after changing the contract status.

Launchboard Development

Updated the design

  • of the Main Page;
  • of the Voting Module.

Escrow Platform Development

  • Improved transaction security by adding the validation of the amount correctness entered by the user;
  • Renamed All contracts to Contract Marketplace and put it in first place in the list of Escrow tabs.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Started working on hourly contracts;
  • Conducted full product testing;
  • Approved the future logic of hourly contracts and interaction with the desktop activity tracker, which will be used to track work time and take screenshots, then send them to the web client.


  • architectural improvements for the Landing Page;
  • the functionality for editing the HR Talent landing page.


  • backend for WebSockets. Using WebSockets will give the user instant status changes/messages/other updates on contracts and contract lists;
  • the filtering mechanism; got rid of filter overload;
  • operation of the internal system;
  • transaction security system.

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