The Weekly Update with all recent changes is ready to be read! Find out about new features, interface changes, or technical improvements! Case in point: the implementation of My Trades, the migration of trigger orders from PHP to Go, as well as improvements to automatic award payouts on Voting.

The full list of changes is available below!


  • Completed the fine-tuning of the White Label flag as per the design. This will allow us to conduct the conclusion in automatic mode for audited users;
  • Improved Custodians' status reflection in the Go Gateway, which will improve the stability of the service;
  • Checked and found the cause of missing deposits from Fireblocks. This will allow us to upload all missing deposits to Fireblocks from blockchain.


  • a historical reconciliation of all withdrawals through Go Gateway to ensure that the statuses are up-to-date;
  • additional configuration of user wallets in Fireblocks as a result of incorrect address generation;
  • a test and found the cause for the suspended deposits at BitGO. This will allow us to load deposits into the Go Gateway, and users will be able to use the funds.


  • Worked on server-side logic for the Savings Account and Project Portfolio widgets;
  • Implemented CryptoBank and account changes for the Circle ACH payment system.


  • the server-side integration with Circle Wire, which will allow for props transactions when buy/sell USDC;
  • implementing the operations module in the library, which will allow opening functional blocks in modal windows in other projects;
  • implementation of the Replenishment and Output project modules after they had been moved to the library.


  • Developed additional Exchange alerting;
  • Added the My Trades functionality to the backend;
  • Upgraded the Web Sockets in the Terminal, so that the Terminal can receive data no matter how many browser tabs are open;
  • Moved trigger orders from PHP to the Go language, which will allow more efficiently maintaining;
  • Made an update on the internal CMC page in order to better understand the performance of our Exchange.


  • the backend of the My trades feature in the Terminal, which will allow more active traders to conveniently track their transactions;
  • a modal window development for a separate Exchange wallet page to make it more convenient to use.

Mobile Apps


  • Created a generic coordinator for Sign In Without Registration flow as part of a technical task;
  • Made changes to the Services tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow, so users can see which flow they can open without registering and which they can't.


  • the display of projects in the Launchpad tab on the staging environment so that the tester can test this section;
  • the operability and UI part of the PXP Voting flow according to the layout;
  • the functionality of the project information viewer in Launchpad flow, so that this screen would work according to the layout;
  • Face ID functionality in the app so that biometrics worked stably;
  • the functionality of buying project tokens in Launchpad flow, so that users can buy tokens.


  • Made changes to the Dashboard tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow, so users can see which flow they can open without registration;
  • Improved the functionality of the PXP Voting flow in Launchpad.


  • success/fail flow in the PXP Voting within Launchpad so users can see the success/fail Voting variants;
  • support for TotalCheckingBTC, TotalSavingBTC, TotalAllBTC screens in v2/bank/accounts/summary-total so that users can see how much BTC they have separately in Regular, Savings, and both accounts.


  • a 2FA email + 2FA GA window so users can enter both codes at the same time;
  • a modal window, so if 2FA is not enabled, there will be a screen asking to enable it.


  • Set up Google analytics, including hashed user IDs to implement end-to-end analytics and the ability to track marketing results;
  • Added a user level icon to the profile image header, so users can see where they stand with PXP tokens held;
  • Corrected the mobile version for business accounts so that the layout displayed correctly according to screen resolution;
  • Updated the CryptoBank header menu to display all current products;


  • the display of notifications by removing large β€œEnable” buttons;
  • the Apple Pay icon display and the rest of the icons in the Buy or Sell dark theme section;
  • the Referral Program reward percentage parameter to include not only 20% but also 40% depending on the PXP balance.


  • Updated the headers on the Home page and Voting by making them smaller in size and removing the images;
  • Prepared the Launchpad for load testing;
  • Implemented files uploading through queues in the Admin panel. Now files would be faster upload to the projects;
  • Added a Voting Battle interface. Now, when two projects are in the Battle, there will be a card with both projects on it in the list.


  • the addition of the transfer to Crowdin through queues;
  • it possible to link projects on the Voting backend into the Battle.


  • the Voting list of projects display when it is empty. Added an icon to cover the empty space;
  • automatic award payouts in PXP on Voting.

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