Dear PointPay family, it’s already Friday!

This week was extremely busy for the PointPay team. We have completed the 20th PXP token burn, published a Bi-annual PoinPay report, and conducted a Youtube AMA session with PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. We have also released new versions of our mobile apps. Version 7.6.0 for iOS now includes the Classic Exchange in a new design and staking; version 6.4.0 for Android now includes the cryptoloans flow. We have also released a full functionality of the Launchboard platform that allows launching new ICOs, conducting early investment, and voting. You can read more in our Weekly Update.

Watch the video update with Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Uploaded the new texts to Crowdin for an app to be translated correctly into all languages;
  • Renamed the accounts. to Top Up, Exchange, Send, and Sell;
  • Removed the fee when sending funds to another PointPay user in the existing ‘Send By Email’ flow;
  • Displayed information about crypto loans so that users can see the limits for each cryptocurrency and the FAQ section;
  • Created a screen where users can view the information about their CryptoLoans;
  • We released version 7.6.0, which included the Classic Exchange in a new design, Staking, and bug fixes;
  • Submitted assembly 7.7.0 to the App Store for review, which included the CryptoLoans flow;
  • Updated app banners in the App Store.

Improved the display of

  • the tooltip in the ‘Exchange’ existing flow;
  • the “Available Amount” of funds in the existing flow of ‘Send by Wallet’, and ‘Send by Address’;
  • candlesticks within the ‘Exchange’ flow;
  • staking history;


  • ‘Staking’ flow;
  • ‘Send by email’ flow;
  • Padding on screens;


  • partial and full repayment in the cryptoloan flow;
  • the ability to take out cryptoloan in the mobile app;


  • instructions on how to enable 2FA via Google Authenticator;
  • new cryptocurrencies (Avalanche, Dash, PancakeSwap, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot, WAVES token, Cardano).

For Android mobile application

  • Removed the display of “Wallet address” when it was not used for a transaction;
  • Uploaded the new texts to Crowdin for an app to be translated correctly in all the languages;
  • Renamed the accounts to Top Up, Exchange, Send, and Sell;
  • Returned the value of 1W (one week) for backward compatibility in the Exchange flow;
  • Released version 6.4.0, which included the cryptoloans flow;
  • Hid the ability to lend funds with an active cryptoloan.


  • the ‘Partial Repayment’ within the flow of processing a ‘CryptoLoan’;
  • the new feature “Active CryptoLoans” on the dashboard;
  • the ability to change the theme (light/dark) inside the application;
  • a new ‘Details’ section in the ‘Active CryptoLoans’ flow;


  • the Summary screen in the ‘CryptoLoan processing’ flow;
  • the display of information about crypto loans;
  • unloading of translations of the cryptoloans module for translation into all available languages;


  • new currencies (Avalanche, Dash, PancakeSwap, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot, WAVES token, Cardano);
  • the cryptoloan status during the creation;


  • the performance existing ‘PXP Staking’ flow;
  • cryptoloan repayment flow;
  • the performance of Intercom (Help Service);

Improved display of

  • the list of cryptocurrencies within the existing ‘Transfer between accounts’ flow;
  • time and date on the ‘Order History’ screen;
  • limits with integers. in the new ‘Take CryptoLoan’ flow;
  • cryptoloan amount;
  • Tether cryptocurrency;
  • the ‘Summary’ screen in the cryptoloan processing flow.

Interface Development

  • Added texts to Crowdin for translation from the ‘Password Change’ flow in the ‘Settings’ menu;
  • Outlined internal specifications for dealing with API errors;
  • Released personal account pages with a new design: ‘Settings,’ ‘2FA’, ‘Customer Support,’ ‘KYC’;
  • Set up multiple subdomains for the website for the US users;
  • Prepared for releasing new ‘2FA settings’ in a new design;
  • Approved breakpoints for layouts and development;
  • Added texts to Crowdin for translation from the password change flow in the settings;
  • Added information about support within 24 hours after submitting a request for blocked accounts;
  • Developed a preliminary architecture of the referral program.


  • the display of the ‘Disable Account’ button on the Account Settings page;
  • navigation and UX of the site so that the users remain on the same page during authorization;
  • the Launchboard navigation by placing a link in the footer;
  • endpoints for notifications;
  • navigation by changing the Send by E-mail link in the header menu in the Wallet section;

Finished the redesign of

  • the KYC Settings page;
  • the Customer Support page.


  • the FAQ section;
  • the Roadmap;
  • the Live Roadmap.

CryptoBank Development

  • Planned and started work on the redesign of CryptoBank to increase the. product usability;
  • Changed the format for working with several mathematical operations in crypto loans to increase the accuracy of calculations;
  • Removed WAVES cryptocurrency;
  • Improved dashboards on cryptoloans in Grafana to monitor business performance;
  • Added translation and increased the size of the tooltip about PXP;
  • Temporarily disabled sending Gift Cards to unregistered users for internal review;
  • Checked interest accrual on Savings accounts for old and new cryptocurrencies;
  • Set up code linting on the frontend to standardize the approach and improve the quality of the code.


  • the transmission of information about the cryptoloan for mobile apps;
  • the process of generating an address for a currency;
  • the request for the return of the account amount for mobile apps;


  • saving information on all transactions at the time of the transaction in USD equivalent;
  • 0% APR for all currencies for US citizens;
  • automatic payment of a cryptoloan;
  • a display of the amount of full debt on a cryptoloan with a full repayment.


  • notification for users from the US about the termination of accruals on Savings accounts;
  • the ability to create an invoice with zero values to avoid empty transactions.


  • currency and network mapping to avoid potential bugs;
  • minimum withdrawal limits in line with business needs.

Payment System Development

  • Completed the integration with Transak payment provider;


  • Sell Crypto operations and conducted internal testing;
  • Buy Crypto via Itez payment provider.

Exchange Development


  • the Matching Engine performance;
  • the message queues, so the orders will be executed a lot quicker;


  • the flow of creating a new order;
  • display of candle colors;
  • the performance of the matcher;
  • the return of balances via API
  • the transfer of candles from the backend to the frontend.

Launchboard Development

  • Improved the window for buying project tokens;
  • Added additional fields in the admin panel, based on Voting and Launchboard logic improvements;

Released a full functionality that provides the possibility of

  • Launching new ICOs;
  • Conducting early investment;
  • Voting.

Withdrawals Development

  • Activated automatic currency withdrawals and conducted final testing. It’s now available to internal users. This will allow our users to send funds from their wallets in PointPay to any other wallets in the shortest possible time;
  • Improved the accounting functionality of Unified Balances during the input, output, purchase, and sale operations. This will allow users to see the correct balance calculation after any transaction at PointPay.

P2P Development

  • Refactored the contract cancellation function (ContractCancel);
  • Updated all data models on the backend;
  • Made a modal window for adding a payment method.


  • an API for a user to remove a payment method;
  • a payment method from the Payment System;


  • developed an API to get the payment method of contracts for users;
  • the UI Kit 3.0 element (search select);
  • the buyer’s contract window;


  • a new window for viewing contracts from the side of the buyer or the seller;
  • a page for the list of open and closed user contacts.


  • standard PointPay notification service into the P2P platform;
  • the API for creating ads;
  • API Payment methods;


  • P2P authorization;
  • the quality of tests for announcements and contracts.

Escrow Platform Development


  • the commission retention function;
  • the ability to create a contract with a particular service provider.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Added popular tags;
  • Updated the development stack to PHP 8.1 and Laravel 9;
  • Replaced the email with a nickname for display on marketplaces and employee’s and employer’s profiles;


  • a search by tags for easier search and navigation of the website;
  • a new logic for setting dates for a Regular contract;
  • a new filter for contracts on the company page for easier navigation;
  • a Regular contract for permanent employment;


  • an ability to display milestones for a Regular contract within the contract information window;
  • an ability to negotiate the date and payment amount within a Regular contract;
  • the functionality of tags selection within the employee bio page;
  • an option to extend the employee bio page with custom fields.
  • an endpoint when a contractor refuses to perform a milestone within a Regular contract;
  • an endpoint for a contractor to accept a milestone within a Regular contract;
  • an endpoint for calculating the milestone deadlines within a Regular contract;
  • the functionality of selecting tags within the contract’s editing form;
  • the entire UI for the Regular contract;
  • favorites for employees and employers;
  • system messages for the Regular contract;
  • the display of the extended BIO of the employee;


  • the logic of the Regular contract;
  • the display of talent cards on the marketplace;
  • the display of the contract modal window;
  • the UX when an employer wants to initiate a dialogue with the employee;
  • the display of statuses in CVs (Open to work, etc.), so the employer can search by the status;
  • the display of the Contract and CV windows.


  • Held the AMA session on Youtube;
  • Completed the 20th PXP token burn;
  • Released Bi-annual PointPay report.

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