The Weekly Update with all the changes and improvements in PointPay services is ready to be read. This time among the most important: the improvement of the functionality of Buy Crypto through Simplex partner, as well as the implementation of automatic text synchronization between the backend and Crowdin.

Read more news and details in the full update:


  • Improved Buy Crypto functionality through Simplex partner. Now the receipt of funds for orders is processed faster.


  • Automated text synchronization from backend to Crowdin to improve localization quality;
  • Handled external address entry in the internal translation flow to simplify the user path.


  • localization in the bank to unlock the task of automating CrowdIn translations;
  • partner course retrieval to remove competing requests;
  • the creation of a Savings account during user registration/authorization to remove duplicate code and simplify support.

Mobile Apps


  • Completed work on the recipient and network selection screen in the external output flow as part of the redesign;
  • Improved work with exchange order commissions when paying in PXP;
  • Updated the flow of work with SumSub by implementing the notification of the user via email about passing the verification.


  • BTCZ currency to the application;
  • PXP balance display in PXP User level flow;
  • an error for wrongly entered old password.


  • Removed display of progress bar in PXP user level flow when max level is reached;
  • Added BTCZ currency to the application;
  • Switched to an improved format for getting the user's total balance that takes staking into account.


  • the texts in the PXP user level flow;
  • the SumSub flow to implement email notification when user passes verification;


  • change the user's preferred currency;
  • calculation of amounts when executing a limit order.


  • Added caching on the SSR side for the Launchpad, cutting page load time in half (First Contentful Paint);
  • Prepared header redesign for release;
  • Migrated the Payment as a separate package within the UI kit to improve development speed in the future;
  • Automated text synchronization from the backend using Crowdin to simplify and speed up translation updates.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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