Another week has come to an end, which means it's time for our weekly update. But before we tell you about the changes in PointPay during the week, we would like to announce the winners of the competitions!

  • First place in the Trading competition takes 17602998573 and receives 5,000 PXP
  • First place in the Bug&Suggestions competition takes 24867584285 and receives 7,500 PXP

Congratulations to the winners! Your rewards will be credited to your accounts shortly! With your PXP token, you'll be able to earn higher rake percentages, lower trade and withdrawal fees, pay your trading fees in PXP, and participate in Launchpad votings!

We also encourage everyone to participate in competitions! To participate in the Trading Competition, all you need to do is trade any pairs on the PointPay Exchange, and to participate in the Bug & Suggestion Competition, all you need to do is submit your bug or PointPay development idea via a special form!

The results of the new competitions round will be revealed next Friday, April 7th.

The weekly update with all the changes, new features, and of course new competitions winners is ready to be read! Among the major changes this week: a new version of Launchpad for mobile apps, as well as the introduction of User Onboarding functionality for the web.

Check out the full update for more news and details:


  • Completed refactoring of staking creation, which increased the reliability of transaction creation;
  • Refactored the test of updating data on currencies in the payment system;
  • Removed unused code related to legacy system services;
  • Covered Savings Account data retrieval with tests.

Mobile Apps



  • a redesign of some parts of the output at address flow;
  • a new version of the PXP User level layouts.


  • Finalized the new version of PXP User level layouts;


  • display of active sessions in profile;
  • display of the transaction amount in the history.


  • Completed a new version of the Launchpad;
  • Passed the review on Google Play;


  • Implemented User Onboarding functionality;
  • Improved the design of PXP User Levels to more clearly show the user a reduction in withdrawal and trading operations fees upon reaching each next level, as well as a discount offered when paying the fee in PXP.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

On the PointPay platform, you can enter competitions, earn PXP rewards, and enjoy bonuses and opportunities! New competitions each week for all PointPay users!

Happy trading!

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