Dear PointPay family,

We are continuing to develop our HR Talent Platform. This week we have implemented the "My Talents" page and the Job history form. Furthermore, our development team invested in developing the P2P platform for mobile apps. In particular, we have implemented Contract Created and Total Amount screens. We have also completed work on the content of the new CryptoBank homepage and handed it over for design. Find out more in our Friday Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Removed hyphen in network types to show users the correct network type;
  • Released version 7.7.3 for review in the App Store;
  • Completed the entire P2P Profile tab so that the user can view information about the nickname, payment method, and feedback.


  • the ability to delete payment methods in the profile in P2P flow;
  • a filter by dates in the Contracts tab in P2P flow;
  • Payment Method selector that allows the user to select the required card or add a new one on the Total Amount screen.

As part of the P2P platform

  • Implemented Type and Price in the My Ads tab screen;
  • Implemented Total amount in the My Ads tab screen.


  • cryptocurrency filter in the P2P tab;
  • fiat filter in the P2P tab;
  • Contract Created screen in the Buy flow;
  • Total Amount screen in the My Ads tab;
  • feedback in the Profile section on the P2P platform;
  • the Remarks screen on the P2P platform so that users can add more details to their created contract;
  • the ability to choose a payment method in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • the ability to view information on the seller/buyer on the P2P platform;
  • a filter by the amount in the P2P tab so that the user can filter contracts by amount.

For Android mobile application

  • Released version 6.4.4 for review in the Play Store;


  • the ability to select payment in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • a payment method picker in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • fiat/cryptocurrency picker in the My Ads section on the P2P platform;


  • incorrect display of network types in the Send to Wallet, Send to Email, Receive To Address flow;
  • the 2FA logic;


  • Type and Price screen where users can enter all the necessary information to create a contract;
  • the Pay the Seller screen in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • the Confirm Payment screen in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • Payment Time Limit picker on the Total Amount screen on the P2P platform;
  • the Wait for confirmation screen in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • a filter by the amount in the P2P tab so the user can filter contracts by amount.

Interface Development

  • Implemented a burger menu on a tablet when opening the PointPay Blog;
  • Redesigned the header, improving the display and navigation for users;
  • Added missing currency icons, improving readability for users;
  • Prepared a page with banners for the referral program;
  • Set up the translation of text in the Subscriptions section after page refresh;
  • Installed a new GoogleTagManager for the PointPay Homepage for further testing.

Prepared the base of the Referral Program

  • for the front-end and implementation;
  • docker images, local environment, set up bases, Lucid Micro, dependencies, IDE Helper configuration, tinker, PHPUnit, CodeSniffer, Larastan, pipelines.


  • Live Roadmap on the Home page;
  • the PointPay Card link in the personal account menu.


  • the display of the avatar for users;
  • PointPay Blog eliminating image clipping by post height;
  • the transition from the PXP Board page back to the PointPay Home page;
  • the background when scrolling the screen in dark mode;
  • the display of settings by eliminating the disappearance of information when re-selecting the settings section.

CryptoBank Development

  • Conducted a complete redesign regression before the release;
  • Optimized the output of interest rates on cryptoloans;
  • Conducted a regression of cryptoloans to ensure the quality of the product after improvements;
  • Completed work on the content of the new CryptoBank homepage and handed it over for design;
  • Integrated Crowdin into the server part of the CryptoBank application, which will allow us to translate texts stored in the database into 19 languages;
  • Prepared the requirements for the financial report of CryptoBank and the principle of collecting information for the admin team.


  • the full and partial repayment of a cryptoloan;
  • security when creating a cryptoloan;
  • the integration of CryptoBank in conjunction with Unified Balances for internal transfers;
  • the logic of CryptoLoan approval, collateral freezing, and CryptoLoan issuance;
  • the history of CryptoLoans in conjunction with the changed LTV logic;
  • the stability of the transaction history for the Savings Account;
  • determination of the address type during output and the logic of subsequent actions;
  • filtering by transaction type in Savings transaction history.


  • the new design of the Accounts summary, Transfer, Deposit, Withdrawal, Invoices, and Staking pages;
  • a new version of CryptoLoan requests.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Prepared a new Validator/Scoring service in terms of automatic verification of conclusions.


  • Gas Station setup for user accounts;
  • setting up a staging environment for Unified Balances and Go Gateway, and integration with BitGo (for testnet currencies).


  • Hot Wallets performance;
  • Improved the work of Go Gateway in terms of logging and code efficiency.

P2P Development

  • Expanded Payment Time Limit;
  • Enabled storing the history of changes under the contract;
  • Refactored the code of the Contract Completed section;
  • Refactored work with events;
  • Increased the accuracy of creating events and chat messages;
  • Removed the negative deadline from the contract;
  • Changed the required percentage when calculating;
  • Developed a function Investigate & Fix errors (Sentry) on the backend, which increased the ability to track errors in the technical work of the service for developers;
  • Improved the product architecture by adding the Feature validation move to the request command;
  • Wrote the chat API documentation;
  • Finished API for sending images to chat;
  • Closed all P2P-Cron-Contracts Errors, which allowed the product to work even faster with receiving and displaying data.


  • a Timezone list, so users always see ads according to their timezone;
  • an endpoint for a time zone;
  • Admin API with a list of disputes;
  • Admin API to change dispute status;
  • Admin API for model change events;
  • hiding the paginator if only one page with ads is displayed;
  • validation of the User Payment Method when creating a sales contract;


  • Contract filters so that the user can filter contracts;
  • the Admin API: Creating payment methods and attributes.

Improved ads/me request

  • added filtering by crypt and ad type;
  • Removed the required fields.


  • filters in routing;
  • user status in online/offline chat;
  • admin API for Roles & Permissions;
  • an API to return a list of all permissions
  • an API to return a list of users;
  • font to Create a new ad;
  • an error about increasing the amount in the completed ad;
  • URL filters for your contracts.


  • Formatting Ad Limits by Fiat Symbol;
  • Writing off the seller's commission.

Exchange Platform Development


  • interaction between matcher, order book, and candle display service;
  • stability of Exchange services’ availability for some user groups.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Added a parameter to the messenger to determine if the user is a talent or a client;
  • Opened HR Talent marketplaces to view unlogged users so that new users can explore the content posted on the platform;
  • Developed and implemented an API scheme for expanding the talent profile (adding work history and education);
  • Conducted a code audit, identified problem areas, and improved visibility settings in some places;
  • Conducted a full audit of the functionality in the production environment, identified several bugs to fix, removed old, outdated contracts, and improved the display of marketplaces in general.


  • the display of the "My contracts" page by removing incorrect contracts;
  • the display of the reason for rejecting a contract by a moderator;
  • the display of talent cards on the marketplace.


  • an endpoint that will allow you to create a new message in the messenger;
  • the Job history form;
  • a messenger module so that the talent and the client can communicate with each other outside the context of the contract;
  • education and work experience blocks in a talent profile;
  • the "My Talents" page.

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