Dear PointPay Family,

The final week of 2023 is quietly drawing to a close. As expected, it has been incredibly eventful and full of news. We've been summing up achievements, concluding various endeavors, and discussing plans for 2024. In this update, you'll find information about all the exciting moments of the week!

PointPay News

We started celebrating the upcoming New Year in advance. Since Monday, PointPay has been hosting a trading competition in honor of the New Year. As usual, you can participate and trade with any USDT pairs! We have a total of 5 prize places, with a shared fund of $50,000! This activity will run until January 5, 2024, giving you ample opportunity to secure a victory.

On Thursday, December 28, our YouTube channel hosted the traditional AMA session with PointPay's CEO. The end-of-year vibe added a special charm to this broadcast. Vladimir summarized not only December but the entire year of 2023. We gained insights into the past months and learned about plans and details of future events at PointPay. Many user questions were also addressed.

Friday turned out to be exceptionally rich in news. Let's delve into it!

On December 29, the much-anticipated listing of LEASH took place. You can now fully explore this asset on the PointPay platform: trade, exchange, buy, sell, or simply store it. More variety means more opportunities!

Also, on Friday, a crucial vote commenced. Early next year, PointPay will transition to the new PXP 3.0 token! Consequently, we'll introduce the token on multiple blockchains to make it more convenient and accessible. To kick-start this, we're conducting a vote in our Telegram channel: among the options presented, users will choose the top five most desired blockchains for the future PXP token. Participate in the vote by joining our Telegram channel and casting your vote for the preferred blockchain. The voting will continue until January 12!

The next news on the same day was the release of the PointPay Annual Report 2023. This comprehensive document details the company's journey throughout the year. You'll revisit all the key changes and updates, records and achievements, and significant events on our platform! Of course, it also includes details about upcoming changes and PointPay's plans: we've presented a detailed plan for 2024 with all upcoming updates and extensively discussed the new PXP 3.0 and the Token Swap process. Access this information in our report right away!

And with that, the weekly news comes to a close. We'd like to extend our New Year's greetings to all our users. We hope that in 2024, together with you, we'll continue our journey towards greater heights. Thank you for choosing PointPay!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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