We summarize the week's results in the traditional Weekly Update. In addition to multiple improvements and new features, we prepared CryptoBank B2B for the release and implemented Google Analytics across the services. This will allow us to track user actions and make more accurate and better improvements in the future.

You can find the details of these changes, as well as all the other innovations for the week, in the Update:

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Finalized the report on the reconciliation of user funds and finding balance differences. It allows us to check the legitimacy of users' funds;
  • Refined Go Gateway on handling messages from Custodians if users entered the wrong recipient's address. This allows us to handle invalid withdrawal requests correctly;
  • Disassembled user withdrawal requests.


  • Resolved most of CryptoBank's user issues;
  • Improved more than 30 parts of CryptoBank, which will increase reliability and improve user experience;
  • Debugged automatic accruals for Savings, set up monitoring, and made manual accruals for all those who were not automatically accrued.


  • CryptoBank B2B for the next week's release ;
  • CryptoLoans 2.2 design aims to inform the user better when calculating crypto loan parameters about the origination process, repayment options, usage goals, and payment schedule.


  • Rewrote the order service in Go language, which will increase its speed and convenience for later development;
  • Integrated the interface with the new version of the Market Date service to make the interface work faster.


  • control of Candlestick intervals so that candlesticks work faster;
  • the CMC API will now show all the markets represented.

Mobile Apps


  • Added the History widget to the Dashboard with the last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts and connected further flow, where the user can see the entire history for Regular and Savings accounts;
  • Shifted the display of currency before the amount throughout the application.


  • the functionality of the Quick Exchange flow. Now a warning about not being able to exchange a pair will be displayed after selecting the second pair;
  • the display of charts in the Exchange Flow with an interval of 30 minutes so that users can see the charts correctly.


  • Shifted the display of currency before the amount throughout the application;
  • Improved the display of Pass KYC and Under Review KYC notifications according to the new design so that users can see updated notifications;
  • Added the limits for taking a Crypto Loan.


  • Savings tab in the new Accounts tab where users can see balances on their cryptocurrencies that they have transferred to a Savings account;
  • a separate Trade flow in the Accounts tab, so users can use this functionality and switch to the Exchange Flow.

Both platforms

  • Displayed KYC notifications in the Accounts tab so that the user reaches the required KYC-2 level to conduct transactions on Outputs;
  • Added new order types to the Exchange Flow so that users can use the new order types.


  • Set up a test network for SumSub to further install KYB-1 for business accounts, as well as the subsequent migration of KYCto SumSub's native flow to improve user flow;
  • Optimized the number of lines of text in PointPay and Shared projects in Crowdin to reduce resource usage to maintain them;
  • Investigated and improved security by addressing possible vulnerabilities in several libraries.


  • the display of referral accumulation so that even with a small amount, there is an accurate calculation display. Also, updated the Referral Program section in the FAQ so that the user has up-to-date information;
  • the transition from the NFT tab.


  • the Preview banner on the site to blend in with the site design;

the Trading Fees page:

  • corrected the commission value for ETH withdrawal;
  • changed the opening navigation to the Home page;
  • added a search bar;
  • hid irrelevant information.

HR Talent

  • Implemented a mechanism for automatic payments in hourly contracts so that the Client doesn't have to do it manually every time.


  • Google Analytics to the project to track conversions;
  • tracking settings to the backend, as well as the last screenshot to display on the contract page;
  • contract statistics to the endpoints through which the tracker works so that the application can display detailed information on the contract on the contract page;
  • monitor settings to the contracting entity for tracking so that the Talent will immediately receive his previously exposed settings if he downloads the tracker to a new device.


  • Added Google Analytics to the project to track conversions;
  • Made internal storage improvements for faster data handling.


  • Improved the layout of the ad page, refining multiple details to match the design;


  • Google Analytics to analyze user actions;
  • a 2FA module to the front end. Now the user will have to enter a 2FA code to transfer the cryptocurrency to the buyer;
  • optional fields to payment methods, so you can add optional fields to some payment methods.


  • a command through which it will be possible to link the PointPay account and Telegram to use the bot.
  • code integration for the P2P Telegram Bot, filling it with P2P functionality.

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