Friday has arrived, which means that PointPay is releasing its traditional weekly recap, which includes all changes to the services and the announcement of the winners of the weekly competitions!

Let's start with our winners:

  • 15693226263 wins the Trading competition and receives 5,000 PXP
  • 20505742853 wins the Bug & Suggestions competition and receives 7,500 PXP

Congratulations to the winners! Your reward will be sent to you within a few working days. Also, don't forget to check that you have created an address for storing PXP.

As for everyone else, we encourage you to participate in the new round! Trade any pairs on the PointPay exchange or send us any ideas for developing PointPay through a special form and win PXP tokens! By storing PXP in your account, you can increase your User Level and receive discounts on Trading and Withdrawal commissions.

Now let's move on to the changes!

PointPay Weekly Update


  • Collected more detailed user statistics to improve the usability of the bank.



  • the QuickExchange service on the back-end;
  • added 28 new pairs;
  • the processing of transactions;
  • the display of the Order Book.

Mobile Apps

  • Improved the display of the new currency Floki in assets and on the exchange,
  • Improved handling of user timezones
  • Improved the display of transaction fees on the transfer page.
  • Reworked the display of the Order Book on the Mobile Exchnage
  • Changed the display of the transaction fees, in the ‘withdrawal’ flow.


  • Implemented notifications on the website and email notifications to users regarding the registration of referrals and the payment of referral rewards;
  • Added information about users' mobile devices to the statistics service,
  • Migrated the referral system code to UI-kit to improve development speed and quality in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!


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