A weekly update with all changes and innovations from Monday through Friday is ready for you to peruse! Get all the news at once in one place. The most interesting is the Top Voters rewards feature, as well as the beginning of work on Voting Battles.

More details and all other news in the full version below!


  • Conducted an audit of user funds and withdrawal requests;
  • Implemented audit of local transfers through Scoring to improve safety of user funds;
  • Audited deposits sent to old user wallets;
  • Completed treasury work on the CryptoBank product including Business Grafana reports;
  • Identified a list of deposits missing on Fireblocks due to incorrect scanning.


  • Analyzed the documentation, decomposed and evaluated the work on Circle Wire, which will allow exchanging the USDC/USD pair at a very favorable rate, close to 1:1, using the Wire technology (transfer by requisites);
  • Implemented unloading of the Regular account's transaction history in tabular form.


  • working on the MVP Circle ACH, which will allow you to make exchanges on the pair USDC/USD at a very favorable rate close to 1:1, using ACH technology;
  • refactoring of Circle ACH, which will improve reliability for status changes;
  • the design of the MVP version of the CryptoBank Dashboard - the future main page containing widgets of various ecosystem products;
  • the design of the improved Buy/Sell Crypto flow, which will allow you to select the payment method first.


  • Prepared test scripts for Matcher to verify performance at the development level;
  • Audited the API documentation and cleaned it up;
  • Made a release of the markets page with prices and volumes of cryptocurrencies traded on the Exchange.


  • updates to business metrics on the Exchange to improve monitoring efficiency;
  • integration of balance updates via a websocket over the new trading API on the frontend;
  • the development of commissions discounts for the trading operations volume.

Mobile Apps


  • Displayed an avatar on the pin code entry screen and changed the text below the avatar;
  • Added a 2FA Email + 2FA GA entry screen in the 2FA flow;
  • Sent 7.8.6 app version to the App Store for review.


  • the functionality of the screen with the list of active orders in the Exchange flow;
  • the functionality of account verification in the KYC flow.


  • Implemented an animation for the Purchase/Staking flow button so that users would have an animation if a Purchase/Staking case was successful or unsuccessful;
  • Displayed an avatar on the pin entry screen and changed the text below the avatar;
  • Added instructions on how to enable 2FA via Google Authenticator, so users can learn more about how to connect to 2FA GA;
  • Improved the 2FA Email + 2FA Google Authenticator flow in that users will now have an animation working when entering the right/wrong 2FA code;
  • Released 6.5.5 version of the app in Play Market.


  • Moved the PP-shell component into a separate project that deplots itself to improve the development process;
  • Integration of new pipelines into the Auth project to improve the development process;
  • Replaced the image with an animation on the Home page to improve the page visually;
  • Added a notification when you revisit the personal account page with KYC settings about the successful completion of the KYC level;
  • Changed the local environment for SNS/SQS to improve the development and monitoring process.


  • the 2FA input flow, to display the line for filling in the code via email on the first place by default, and direct the cursor to fill in the first box, so that users could enter their code right away;
  • the display of banners, links, fields in the Referral Program, where there was no information, so that users have a stable display of this data.


  • Improved validation of the documents names, added to the project;
  • Started working on Voting-Battles.


  • functionality to add prizes on Voting, which will be paid in PXP;
  • prize and award information to the Top Voters list to display a block of winners;
  • a parameter with the number of tokens available for purchase;
  • an event to be triggered at the end of a Voting to pay rewards.

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