All the changes in PointPay have been collected and the winners of the weekly competitions have been determined! It's time to check out the PointPay Weekly Update!

Among the most exciting changes: the updated Token Sales section in Launchpad on mobile platforms, as well as preparations for the release of the new User Onboarding functionality on the web.

Read about these and other changes and see the winners in the full update:


  • Wrote autotests for transfers between Regular and Savings accounts;
  • Completed the data response to create a transfer between Regular and Savings accounts;
  • Resolved hanging cryptocurrency sales transactions through Mercuryo.

Improved work of

  • creating transactions on staking when interacting with single balances;
  • integration with Mercuryo in test environment.

Mobile Apps


  • Limited the accuracy of transaction amount entry based on the corresponding currency parameter;
  • Added minimum withdrawal amount validation;
  • Updated the token sales section of the Launchpad project;
  • Implemented new part of redesign output by address flow;


  • the order in which cards are displayed in the Payments section;
  • the color of the exchange order status in the transaction history.


  • Updated the token sale section of the Launchpad project;
  • Improved the display of exchange order fill percentage;
  • Added an icon to the exchange error screen;
  • Limited the transaction amount entry accuracy based on the corresponding currency parameter.


  • Implemented and prepared for release the User Onboarding functionality;
  • Improved the bank transfer page, now the user does not have to refresh the page to see their balance;
  • Debugged code re-request for 2FA.

Dear PointPay family, we also have summarized the results of this week in our Weekly Update. In it, we've summarized all the changes that have taken place at PointPay, and we've also announced the winners of this week's contests. Without further ado, here are this week's winners:

26886877183, who won the Trading competition and will receive 5,000 PXP

15664034215, who won the Bug&Suggestion competition and will receive 7,500 PXP

Congratulations to the winners! The rewards will be sent to you within a few days.

Also, we remind you that all PointPay users can participate in competitions. Just trade any pairs on the PointPay exchange market or send us a bug or an idea for PointPay development using the special form!

Good luck and have a nice weekend!

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