Weekly update with all the changes of the week is ready for you to read. Get acquainted with the latest changes and additions.

Among the most interesting: configuration of individual order cancellation times for payment systems, and also the addition of staked funds to the user's total balance calculation. We have also improved the usability of the global CryptoBank menu to make it easier for users to navigate.

More news can be found in the full version of the update:

Did you know that the more PXP you have in your account, the lower the commissions on the exchange? The discount can be up to 35%!


  • Added staked funds to user's total balance calculation;
  • Refactored the operation with regular and savings accounts;
  • Resolved and proceeded to completion, several hanged transactions. Implemented processing of new cases.


  • static ip-addresses for interaction with payment systems;
  • individual order cancellation times for payment systems, which optimized processes;


  • work of the system accounts used for payment systems;
  • the work of transfers between users regarding the operation with networks.


  • Prepared monitoring on Exchange issues with orders.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented sending user email to SumSub when registering, which will let the user be informed when KYC verification is passed;
  • Improved the operation of the PXP User Level discount switch;
  • Updated texts in Staking and Buy crypto flows;


  • the numbers format in Send funds flow ;
  • the cursor when entering data.


  • Prepared for PXP User Level release;
  • Implemented KYC error handling when voting on Launchpad;
  • Changed the logic for calculating the user's total balance;
  • Updated texts in Staking;
  • Improved calculation of Exchange order amounts.


  • popup about successful profile data change;
  • disclaimer screen when purchasing cryptocurrency.


  • Improved usability of the CryptoBank global menu;
  • Implemented sending user's email to SumSub when registering, which will let the user be informed when KYC verification is passed;
  • Prepared the backend for implementation of User Onboarding functionality;
  • Added address validation when withdrawing via BCH network in CashAddr format.

We would like to remind you that you can reduce your transaction fees by holding PXPs on your account. Depending on the amount, your PXP User Level will grow and the discounts on commissions will be higher! Moreover, you can pay commissions with PXP tokens.

Having PXP is very convenient and profitable!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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