Dear PointPay family,

It's finally Friday and we bring you our weekly update! It's been a long and productive week. We have released a new version 7.7.1 of the iOS app, which includes new KYC conditions and KYC level insufficiency display. Also for iPhone owners, we've improved the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen, in the My Ads flow. For the Android app, we added showing commission on the P2P contract details screen.

We also fixed the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen. For HR Talent platform we added information with tracking settings. In addition, we worked on Launchboard and updated the Apply for Listing and Apply for Launchboard windows to a new design version. We analyzed the bugs that are outstanding on the Exchange and finished updating the Candle service. And finally we added to the CryptoBank platform search by currencies in Accounts summary.

Read our weekly update for more details on our progress!

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Released new version 7.7.1 which includes new KYC conditions and KYC level insufficiency display;
  • Changed the ad status logic in P2P and added an "eye" for user toggle (online/offline) and an open/closed "eye" to see if the ad is online or not;
  • Added filters Crypto, Type, and Status to My Ads in P2P.


  • the functionality of the Authentication flow when 2FA by email is enabled;
  • functionality of Send By Email flow when 2FA is enabled;
  • display of payment methods in Select Payment Method, My Ads flow (when creating ads) and Profile flow in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Fixed displaying payment methods in Select Payment Method, in the My Ads flow (when creating ads) and in the Profile flow in P2P;
  • Added display of commission on contract details screen in P2P.


  • the ability to display field errors when validating an ad in the My Ads flow in P2P;
  • buy flow from ad creator in P2P;
  • selling flow by ad creator in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Improved the flow for users when going through KYC;
  • Updated the Roadmap with updated content by quarter;
  • Implemented a popup window to remind you to pass 2FA.


  • API optimization tasks to increase the speed of passing Flow Registration;
  • and released edits to pass the full KYC flow;
  • and did a release of the Referral Program.


  • three popup windows for the release that will remind users to Register, Purchase Cryptocurrency, and 2FA;
  • the referral program links and switch to the new system of referral program.

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Developed integration with the Circle/Plaid payment system. To be released soon. This will allow our clients to buy cryptocurrency using their ACH accounts;
  • Prepared Customer Journeys map and design for the launch of the new payment system.


  • the KYC service;
  • Scoring service to check requests for withdrawal and sale of cryptocurrency, in terms of stability and additional information;
  • Go Gateway in terms of monitoring and tracking cash flow.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed a unified format for error handling.


  • search by currency to Accounts summary;
  • static code analysis validation to the build process;
  • the commission currency parameter to the currency query;
  • Implemented
  • a query for Gift Card limits;
  • a query that will allow you to display currencies from recent transactions in Accounts summary.

Exchange Development

  • Improved the local development environment;
  • Analyzed errors that occurred on the Exchange;
  • Prepared a modal window for the release of the updated version of the Transaction History on the Exchange with the necessary information about the transaction;
  • Completed authorization for the API for traders, this is the first task within the trading API, which will be the basis for all functionality;
  • Finished updating the Candle service.

Launchboard Development

  • Improved the display of the timer in the project on the Voting, so that the timer with a small timer is displayed correctly;
  • Updated the Apply for Listing and Apply for Launchboard windows to the new design version;
  • Added the minimum and maximum PXP values to the Voting for each project separately. Each project will now have its own minimum and maximum values for Voting.


  • the Voting module in the production environment;
  • all of the functionality in the production environment.

P2P Development

  • Implemented Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto calculation on the backend;
  • Added settings from the admin panel for Quick P2P availability.


  • multiselect in the choice of payment methods;
  • it possible to expose each crypto-fiat pair to its own commission;
  • a common component with insufficient KYC level and added it to P2P/Launchboard projects;
  • processing of insufficient KYC level;
  • API for getting ads on Quick P2P.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Added information with tracking settings, which are set by the client, to the old contract endpoints;
  • Tested all the basic functions and movement of funds in the production environment.


  • an endpoint to start working on an hourly contract;
  • support for system messages in the messenger;
  • an endpoint to disable auto-tracking when Talent is not active.

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