Friday Update with all recent changes is ready to be read! Learn more about the release of new versions of mobile apps on the App Store and Play Market, as well as the integration of the Moonpay payment provider into the new Buy/Sell Crypto manager.

You can find out more in the full update below!


  • Added an ExpireTime parameter for BitGO;


  • Unknown status on Go Gateway for responses from Custodians;
  • the Pending funds status on the Go Gateway for responses from Custodians;
  • Go Gateway on saving the reason for transferring withdrawals to Failed, Cancelled, Unknown in the database.

Completed development

  • of multi-network support;
  • on accounting of funds on audit in Scoring.


  • Rewrote integration with Moonpay payment provider in Go language and integrated it with new Buy/Sell Crypto manager.


  • implementation of multiple currency networks;
  • development of CryptoBank Dashboard MVP and prepared for release;
  • development of Staking tests;
  • development and moved on to testing seamless integration with payment provider Mercuryo;
  • design of several steps to improve user flow on withdrawals.


  • Improved the performance of the Exchange test environment;
  • Completed My Trades, now users can see their trades in the Terminal next to all the trades;
  • Made Quick Exchange available for unregistered users;


  • Matchmaker; now it runs in a separate thread for each market;
  • the Trading API logic for the new version of the Matcher.

Mobile Apps


  • Displayed the Top Up button when there are not enough funds to open an order on the Exchange;
  • Improve the application's operability;
  • Added a point to tradingView in the Exchange flow;
  • Released version 7.9.2 of the application on the App Store, which included Sign In Without Registration, UI Improvements, and bug fixes.

Made UI improvements on the app, namely:

  • Displayed balance as $0.00 instead of $0.0 for a zero balance;
  • Removed widget “Buy PXP at the best price” on the Dashboard;
  • Fixed Regular and Savings text layout on the Dashboard;
  • Replaced Accounts tab with Settings tab.


  • “Accounts” to “My Accounts”;
  • tab name from “Market” to “Markets”;
  • name “School” to “Crypto School”;
  • tab name from “Payments” to “Buy/Sell”;
  • the “Buy Crypto” and “Sell Crypto” buttons to “Buy Crypto by Card” and “Sell Crypto by Card”;
  • the location of the eye icon that hides the balance on the Accounts (Regular/Savings) screen.


  • Changed the default view and timeframe when opening a pair;
  • Enabled fingerprint function alert;
  • Released version 6.6.1 of the app on the Play Store, which included Sign In Without Registration, UI Improvements, and bug fixes.


  • showing accuracy in the Order Book of the Exchange flow;
  • search by pairs in the Exchange flow.


  • Updated the Roadmap for 2022/2023;
  • Added to the backend information if the user has any KYC in the review;
  • Connected a split UI Kit in the Authorization project;
  • Run the command to change the status of the KYC for all users again;


  • backend saving of the user's chosen language;
  • the 24h Volume display on the PXP Board.


  • Improved the structure of Stages fields in Launchpad projects;
  • Removed old and redundant fields for projects on token sale;
  • Added a new Hard Cap field for Launchpad projects to mark the token sale's top boundary.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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