Dear PointPay family,

Friday has arrived, and as per tradition, we summarize the events of the week. We've compiled all the PointPay activities, essential information, and crypto news in one place.

PointPay Events

December is drawing to a close, and PointPay is fully embracing the arrival of Christmas and New Year. Starting from Monday, December 18, the platform launched the Christmas USDT Trading Competition. Until December 26, trade with USDT pairs on the PointPay platform, accumulate trading volume, and stand a chance to win one of the prizes. This time, we have 5 winners and a prize pool of $40,000!

On Wednesday, we published an article contributed by the community. In this piece, the author thoroughly explores the topic of Bitcoin ETF, discussing what it is, potential changes following its approval, and the current trends associated with Bitcoin ETF. If you, like many BTC holders and traders, are interested in the ETF topic, we recommend giving it a read!

On Thursday, we announced the upcoming traditional AMA session with PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. As always, the live session will take place on the last Thursday of the month (December 28) at 18:00 Central European Time (CET) or 9:00 Pacific Time (PT). The session will be streamed on our YouTube channel.

During the AMA session, Vladimir will not only summarize December but also reflect on the past year overall. We've experienced many changes, events, and achievements this year – it's time to discuss it. Furthermore, Vladimir will unveil PointPay's plans for the upcoming year, 2024.

Additionally, the CEO will be addressing questions submitted by users! If you'd like to ask Vladimir a question, feel free to send it to us through the designated form. We'll read all the questions, and the best and most intriguing ones will receive live answers!

This week also marks the beginning of a new collaboration, this time with the LEASH token! We are gearing up for the listing of this token on our platform, and therefore, next week, you'll be able to enjoy this asset on PointPay! Moreover, we'll soon share details about LEASH and its advantages, so stay tuned to our social media!

Crypto News

This week, the crypto market trended positively, showing a slight increase. While traders enjoyed this calm, companies were actively expanding their spheres of influence.

For instance, Circle launched its stablecoin on the Solana blockchain this week – EURC, pegged to the euro. By expanding its presence, Circle is attracting an increasing percentage of stablecoin users and creating competition for Tether. Full-fledged rivalry might be premature, but Circle is clearly determined.

Ripple is also breaking new ground. This week, its Irish division obtained a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from regulators. Thanks to this achievement, Ripple will expand its presence in the region and offer its services within the country's territory.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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