Friday's Update, which compiles all the changes for the week. We want to highlight the creation of the P2P bot service in Telegram, as well as the appearance of a new PIT token on PointPay.
You can find out the rest of the changes in our Weekly Update!


  • Set up a new PIT token (in the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP20)), including deposits and withdrawals. This allows our users to use this token on Exchange and CryptoBank.


  • processing of withdrawal requests. This allows us to process requests faster;
  • the internal balance accounting system. It allows us to increase the transparency of all operations in the system.

Payment System

  • Improved internal accounting system of work with partners. It also increases the transparency of purchase transactions and blockchain movements.


  • ACH Plaid/Circle for buying cryptocurrencies using ACH payments. To be released soon;
  • Simplex for buying cryptocurrencies (coming soon).


  • Created a daily report in Slack on Staking, which will allow us to track problems and fix them immediately;
  • Made the structure of the Trade window within the Account summary, which will allow choosing the method of exchange, currency pair, and switching to the appropriate service;
  • Improved quality of CryptoBank through refactoring.


  • a B2B version of CryptoBank to work with corporate clients;
  • Staking data collection as part of the implementation of the statistics service.


  • Improved the performance of the Exchange after the release of the updated Market Date service;
  • Released an updated Orders staking design for a more user-friendly experience;
  • Separating the order book and the Exchange's data service into separate services to improve the development and monitoring process;
  • Integrated the trading API with the Market Date and Authorization service to update the trading service to make it faster and scalable;
  • Updated current inter-service endpoint interactions to help further scale the Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented Savings tab in the Accounts tab, where users can see the amount of each cryptocurrency if they transferred money from a Regular to a Savings account;
  • Improved scaling of trade charts in Market Flow so users can see the charts better.


  • the ability to display an avatar on the Dashboard and Profile after adding an avatar under Edit Profile, so users can see their added avatar;
  • the Deposit, Transfer, Withdraw, and More buttons to the Regular tab of the Accounts tab, so the user can go to the required withdrawals flow directly from the Accounts tab.


  • Made the "Save" button active after a country change in the Edit Profile flow, so users can save the change when they change countries;
  • Added the ability to delete photos in the Edit Profile flow, so users can delete a photo they've previously added;
  • Implemented viewing information on a specific transaction in Transaction History in the Accounts tab so that users can see transaction details (status, time, date, transaction type).


  • the functionality of Flow uploading a photo in Profile taken with the camera so that users could take a photo with the camera and upload it for their avatar;
  • the operability of explorer/gallery after file system access permission so that users could select a photo from the gallery to upload to Profile.

Both platforms

  • Added a pop-up and commission text for Pitbull currency (PIT) in the Receive At Address and Send By Wallet flow so the user can see how much of the commission will be charged.


  • Adjusted the display of accruals and referral links so that all users could use the Referral Program;
  • Investigated KYC level discrepancies during changes and found a solution where users would have no trouble transacting with the correct KYC level.


  • user authentication information to backend logs to improve user monitoring and security;
  • P2P and Launchboard products to the menu in the mobile version of the site.


  • the endpoints for the B2B account, that communication with the admin panel was set up;
  • the Home page videos so they were in the right order and relevant to users.

HR Talent

  • Made a tracking limits mechanism so that Talent can't track more than the maximum amount of time that the Client allows;
  • Added hourly rate and project size to hourly contracts so users can see this information in the contract;
  • Integrated the tracker with the web backend, so the tracker now fully works with real data;
  • Implemented contracts without milestones.


  • the display of contract invitations from the Client within the messenger to display the information correctly;
  • the error names that come back from the backend by adding informative text to everything, so the user understands the problem.


  • Simplified the Voting window by making it with a single field so that it was more intuitive for users how to vote;
  • Improved the layout of the buttons in the Apply for listing module by moving them to a more convenient location;
  • Prepared a script for load testing of the Lunchboard and Voting to be ready for large numbers of users.


  • Made a recap of the P2P bot implementation, mapping out key development steps. The bot will be used for trading via your Telegram account;
  • Created a new service - P2P bot. This is a separate service that the P2P team will initially use. In the future, you will be able to receive alerts and make P2P deals for the users through the bot;
  • Added automatic addition of names of payment method attributes to Crowdin so that all newly created payment methods will be automatically sent for translation;
  • Implemented the possibility to add fields to a payment method through the admin panel;
  • Added a copy button in the payment method for more convenient use.


  • currencies and payment methods by adding currency management options to the admin panel;
  • the windows with a choice of currencies in the ad creation window, making them the same as on the ad marketplace.

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