Dear PointPay family,

Friday is the time to review the week and share results, and that's exactly what we do in our regular PointPay Weekly Update! Find out about all the changes in PointPay over the week and congratulate the winners of the competitions!

Let's start, as usual, with announcing the winners:

  • 25171308406 wins the Trading competition and receives 5,000 PXP
  • 16245535899 wins the Bug&Suggestions competition and receives 7,500 PXP

Congratulations on the victory, keep it up! We encourage everyone else not to be discouraged and try again in the next round of competitions, which has already started! Trade on the PointPay exchange or send us ideas for developing the platform through this form and win PXP tokens!

With the PXP token, you can enjoy the best user experience of PointPay services with reduced trading and withdrawal fees, the ability to pay exchange fees with PXP, increased staking percentages, as well as the opportunity to vote and participate in activities on Launchpad!

And now, let's move on to the updates!

PointPay Weekly Update


  • Refactored staking for improved system performance.


  • Improved the performance and stability of QuickExchange.

Mobile Apps

  • Improved cryptocurrency transfer and email delivery flow.


  • Adjusted the blog header to match the overall website design;
  • Collected statistics from the Sentry tool on the most common errors/warnings in the code and fixed them;
  • Improved navigation between header tabs and made mouse movement smoother.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!


Recently, CoinGecko was able to gather all the necessary data about PointPay, and as a result, we set a new record by ranking 53rd on the list. This week, thanks to the improvements in our services and your continued support and activity, we were able to further enhance our position, rising up to the 52nd place. Congratulations to all! With a bit more effort, PointPay is likely to enter the top 50 in the near future!


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