Weekly Update is ready for you to read! Learn about the latest changes and improvements we've made to PointPay services this week. Among the most interesting: preparing Launchpad for a future IEO, and writing auto-tests on Staking console commands.

You can find details and other changes in the full version:


  • Added validation on Staking requests;
  • Wrote auto-tests on Staking console commands to improve quality and simplify support;
  • Completed refactoring the currency request in terms of commissions depending on the selected network;
  • Updated the tab styles on Buy/Sell.


  • the creation of a savings account to avoid duplication;
  • queries into Unified Balance for Withdrawals and Staking, which improved the quality of integration between services.

Mobile Apps


  • Completed a redesign of the Deposit flow.


  • a popup about successful data changes in the user profile;
  • display of global errors in the Deposit flow;
  • a History tab to the main menu.


  • Added a Dashboard banner displayed at 0 PXP;


  • an amount entry screen as part of a redesign of the wallet address withdrawals;
  • widget that displays the current PXP level, current PXP balance, and the remaining amount to the next level.


  • Updated the Launchpad screen for one project as part of the preparation for the IEO.


  • Uploaded all pending deposits on BitGo;
  • Prepared technical description of Crypto Bank, Unified Balance, Scoring, Gateway, and Mobile Apps;
  • Fixed processing message from Fireblocks regarding Insufficient funds error;
  • Tested most of the improvements on the Admin Panel to integrate with Gateway on manual operational tasks;
  • Completed development of Treasury Reports in Grafana for Crypto Exchange.


  • Fixed integration API endpoints to interface with other exchanges. This will allow us to do the listing and integration on new exchanges;
  • Updated documentation on the Web according to the latest changes.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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