Dear PointPay family,

We’ve had a fantastic week! We have implemented the calculation of rates in the Referral program. Furthermore, we have implemented a new design of cryptoloan repayment. You can read more about our recent achievements in the Friday Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Redesigned the payment method for a more convenient architecture in technical terms;
  • Conducted research on the implementation of timezones with localization;
  • Released version 7.7.6 to the App Store. This version includes improvements to Sell Crypto, automatic calculation of CryptoCollateral in CryptoLoans, and the addition of new opcodes to support CryptoBank transactions.
  • Reorganized the P2P contract filter queries from simple ‘date’ to ‘date from’ and ‘date to’ so that dates are returned in the correct format;
  • Changed return format of payment method attribute type from int to string;
  • Finished layout of text messages and chat input fields in P2P;
  • Made the edit nickname button in the Profile workable;
  • Returned the display, editing and deletion of payment methods in the Profile tab.


  • navigation from Buy flow screen to Cancel flow screen in P2P;
  • a method for returning a list of timezones on the screen for entering nickname and timezone in P2P;
  • swipe to refresh functionality on the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • ‘swipe down to refresh’ functionality on the ‘Contracts tab’ so that users can refresh the list by swiping down.


  • flow Add Payment Method for Sell in P2P;
  • the ability to distinguish the added payment methods in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • Payment Method screen with common payment methods between seller and buyer;
  • layout of screens in a Purchases in P2P flow by the author of the ad;

Disabled fields:

  • contract type (Buy/Sell);
  • cryptocurrency type;
  • fiat currency type when editing My Ads in P2P;


  • the layout of the Contract Created screen in the P2P purchase flow;
  • functionality and layout of the flow profile;
  • the layout of My Ads screens in P2P;
  • the layout of the fiat selection screen in P2P so that all fiat currencies are displayed correctly.

For Android mobile application

  • Started testing a flow of buying and selling on the P2P platform;
  • Released version 6.4.6 of the application in the Play Market, where we added new opcodes to support CryptoBank transactions;
  • Removed the ability to write characters other than letters and numbers inside the nickname;
  • Fixed the display of payment methods in the Sale flow in P2P.


  • the transition from the P2P tab to the Purchase flow;
  • the layout of the Ad Details screen;
  • the list of open/closed contracts;
  • a ‘filter by cryptocurrency’ functionality in the Contracts tab in P2P, so that users can filter the contracts they participated in by cryptocurrency type;
  • functionality for editing and deleting ads in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • filter by type in the Contracts tab in P2P.
  • the profile header, where users can enter their nickname;
  • displaying a list of payment methods inside the profile;
  • editing a nickname inside the profile;
  • functionality for viewing feedback on the Profile page;
  • a status filter in the Contracts tab in P2P;


  • Cancel flow performance in P2P;
  • the flow of creating your ad in P2P;
  • the layout of screens in the My Ads tab in P2P;


  • the ability to select a time zone for a user inside the Set Nickname alert in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • an eye icon next to ads in the My Ads tab.

Interface Development

  • Implemented the calculation of rates in the Referral program;
  • Changed the order of displaying values in quarters in the Roadmap.
  • Implemented the transfer to the API and saving the page from which the user went during registration;
  • Wrote a script to find missed translations in all of our products;
  • Set up and successfully tested SQS/SNS and environment variables for the referral program;
  • Corrected the format of writing a sentence in the authorization project;
  • Decomposed the list of tasks to improve security from the frontend.


  • our UI Kit package to the Nexus registry to make it easier for developers to work with SemVer versions of the library;
  • updates to the Live Roadmap for the past week;
  • the Is_ReadOnly flag and the mechanism for changing it to the Users table;
  • KYC data in SNS events so that other products can work with this data and process it in accordance with the product business logic.

CryptoBank Development

  • Created a limit validator for the user's KYC level to increase the security of funds storage;
  • Removed savings rate tooltip for PXP;
  • Analyzed and updated data and field names for crypto loans;
  • Wrote documentation on the limit check service to simplify further support;
  • Completed email redesign;
  • Added Google Analytics goals to the CryptoBank front to track conversion;
  • Created a work plan based on the users’ feedback;
  • Decomposed the redesign of Gift Cards for further evaluation;
  • Changed the format of work with the field of the Remaining debt on the cryptoloan;
  • Added calculation of the total amount payable by invoice on the backend;
  • Improved the formation of letters so that all the necessary data is substituted;
  • Made a search in the drop-down lists with currencies;
  • Updated the letter during the cryptoloan repayment.

Implemented a new design of

  • repayment of a crypto loan at the expense of collateral;
  • repayment of a crypto loan in any currency;

Completed redesign of

  • the block of the CryptoBank main page about Savings accounts;
  • the first block of the CryptoBank main page and integrated the TrustPilot widget;
  • Transaction history.


  • the functionality of regular payments for CryptoLoans;
  • the work of obtaining a list of CryptoLoans for mobile devices by implementing different versions of the API for mobile devices and the web.
  • Separated the Payment Schedule and Payment History within the history of cryptoloans. This would simplify the further development of crypto loans and change the principles for generating a payment schedule;
  • Brought the formulas for calculating rewards in line with the data in the staking rates table.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Fixed and uploaded 66 deposit and 177 withdrawal requests;
  • Improved work on deposits and withdrawals for the following currencies: BTC, LTC, XRP, XLM, SOL, BCH. Now communication between services works without delay.

Exchange Development

  • Integrated the front-end service Market Date, which improves user interaction with the Exchange;
  • Wrote API tests on stop orders, which will reduce the likelihood of errors when using the Exchange.

P2P Development

  • Updated the work of the online/offline toggle for the announcement;
  • Completed adaptive mobile layout for all screens;
  • Updated the logic for storing entities, which will improve the interaction between the backend and frontend;
  • Disabled block with basic ad data;
  • Added the ability to upload an icon for payment methods from the admin panel;
  • Made storing the reason for the impossibility of publishing an ad;
  • Updated the work of all events on websockets;
  • Added additional logic for managing payment methods in the admin panel;
  • Implemented a page where the user can view their feedback on completed contracts.


  • work of contract validation;
  • chat functionality.


  • a chat between users so that they can communicate with each other during the transaction process;
  • the window for opening a dispute under the contract;
  • a component to be recalled after the completion of the contract.

Launchboard Development

  • Updated the header to the latest version.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Expanded opportunities for opening disputes in contracts;
  • Conducted code analysis and covered additional cases with autotests to minimize future bugs;
  • Removed the module with unused analytics;
  • Performed additional internal work on the code.


  • work with new cryptocurrencies in CryptoBank;
  • approach to code reuse from Escrow;
  • the sorting of information on marketplaces by date added (Newest first);
  • the performance of collecting commissions when canceling a contract;
  • the creation of profiles, forbidding the creation of several profiles for 1 user


  • a new logic for editing and deleting contracts before moving them to the ‘In progress’ status;
  • automatic copying of data from the master environment to feature branches to make it more convenient for developers to test implemented features.

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