Dear PointPay Family,

Another week is coming to a close, which means it's time to review its highlights! As always, we have a plethora of news, events, and even announcements, so stay tuned!

PointPay News

Let's start with the Token2049 conference! This significant event took place in Dubai this week. It was attended by many leading crypto companies, prominent figures in the industry, and numerous enthusiasts, as well as promising projects!

PointPay was represented at this event by our CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev. He personally attended the conference to promote PointPay, forge new connections, and partnerships. This is particularly important now, as we are ready to kick off active marketing and significantly attract new users.

You can find out the details of how this conference went for us very soon, next Thursday, April 25th! This is the day of our traditional, monthly AMA session. Vladimir, as usual, will be the main host and will share his impressions of the business trip.

In addition to the conference, there will be plenty of other interesting information. Of course, there will be answers to your questions, which you can send through a special form. Feel free to ask anything that interests you! Among all the questions submitted, we will select the most relevant and interesting ones — those will be answered by the CEO live on April 25th.

Moving forward, let's talk about the Trading Competitions. Several major trading competitions on our platform are about to end very soon. The total prize pool of these competitions amounted to $270,000 — winners have something to celebrate! If you participated, expect your rewards soon!

And a couple more pieces of news to wrap up this update. First, we've launched polls on our Twitter and Telegram on the topic "Can Bitcoin surpass $90,000 after the halving?" — Share your thoughts and participate in our attempt to predict the asset's price!

Secondly, this week we released a series of articles with interesting crypto news. They are already available on our blog, so if you missed them, now is the perfect time to spare a few minutes! In the articles, we delve into the SEC's claims against Uniswap and explore the new Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong!

Crypto Sphere News

Today or tomorrow marks an important event in the crypto sphere: Bitcoin Halving. As this moment approaches, users start to worry, which reflects in the asset's price, causing significant fluctuations. Nonetheless, we are observing this event with incredible interest, which could potentially shape the future of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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