The weekly update is ready for you to check out! It's a good time to learn about all the changes and innovations of the past week. Among the most interesting you can find: developing of the new version of Quick Exchange, as well as implementation of the Stake PXP screen on Launchpad.

All other changes can be found in the full version of the Update below!


  • Improved the speed of the Fireblocks console UI. This will allow us to organize operational work without delays;
  • Implemented KYB Limits on the Unified Balances side to allow withdrawals for corporate accounts;
  • Agreed on an approach to adjust balances based on deposits to old wallets and audited the 16 deposits sent to old wallets;
  • Finalized the Go Gateway to support the process of approving withdrawals on Custodian BitGO. This will allow us to make withdrawals above the set limits;
  • Prepared the design to introduce multiple networks for currencies. This will allow users to make deposits and withdrawals using different networks.


  • Wrote autotests for several key queries, which will improve quality and simplify project support;
  • Made a plugin for Benthos, which will allow broadcasting data within the statistics service;
  • Implemented user registration within the seamless integration of payment provider Mercuryo, which will greatly simplify the flow of the user when buying or selling cryptocurrency using debit and credit cards.


  • development of Circle+Plaid integration, which enables the use of ACH, a popular payment method in the US;
  • making Savings into microservice to improve project architecture;
  • work on the Payment System of the third version for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


  • Developed detailed marketplace information for the new page with a list of available currencies for trading.


  • a new version of Quick Exchange, it will now work much more correctly for all cases;
  • integration of the backend texts with Crowdin to make it more convenient to keep the translations in all languages up-to-date;


  • the Matchmaker, which will allow you to consider trades as a whole when executing multiple orders;
  • the CMC API to display the information on CoinMarketCap more correctly.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented successful/unsuccessful staking flow in Launchpad flow so users can stake their PXPs;
  • Displayed a tag in the Receive By Address flow for XRP so users can see it;
  • Improved the display of the selected fiat currency in the profile in the flow of the Quick Exchange.



  • Voting history in Launchpad flow so that users could see the history of the projects they have staked their PXPs in;
  • all the functionality to buy project tokens in Launchpad flow so that users can buy project tokens;
  • opening web view - “Apply For Listing” in the Launchpad flow;
  • the PXP Voting Transaction Details screen in Launchpad Flow, where users can see transaction details of where their PXPs are staked.

Both platform


  • a Stake PXP screen in Launchpad Flow where users can stake their PXPs into new projects;
  • a project display with full information in Launchpad flow so that users can see complete project information.


  • Added verification of the KYC current level and signature to improve the security and validity of KYC passing;
  • Implemented a move to native SumSub, where users now go directly through KYC with our verified provider to speed up data processing and obtain appropriate limits;
  • Prepared for the release of a new 2FA pass flow so that when two methods of authorization are enabled, the user can enter both codes when authorizing transactions, thereby improving their security;
  • Made a release of User Levels to improve user experience and increase user engagement on the PointPay platform.


  • data synchronization between SumSub and PointPay's personal account so that the user's KYC status is instantly updated and all data is pulled up;
  • the FAQ section, setting up navigation by clicking on a certain question.


  • Improved how the rounding of numbers in Total Votes on Voting works so that it displays more nicely for users;
  • Implemented getting a list of "Top Voters in the Project" to display the winners' table to show in-play prizes and who gets how many PXP;
  • Made a backend model for awards in PXP in Voting.


  • filters to the Voting Records page so users can filter their Voting activity;
  • display of project type, with instructions about investing in it;
  • a table with the Top of Voters so that in future polls, it will be possible to see where you are among all the voters by the number of votes.

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