The weekly update with all the changes and updates is ready! Among the most interesting changes: accelerated transactions on the exchange, as well as a new block of quick access to the balance for users. In addition, the block can be customized to hide the balance from prying eyes.

We have also summarized the new round of Trading and Bug&Suggestion competitions.

This week's winners are:

  • 15693226263, who gets 5,000 PXP for winning the Trading competition
  • 21901840670, who gets 7,500 PXP for winning the Bug & Suggestions competition

The following users were also close to winning the Trading competition:

  • 26886877183
  • 15874266690 

Good luck next time!

The competitions are weekly and take place from Thursday to Thursday of each week. So if you want to win PXP, participate!

Everyone who trades on the PointPay exchange automatically participates in the trading contest. The winner will be the one who has the highest total trading volume on all pairs on the platform and will receive 5,000 PXP.

To take part in the Bug&Suggestion competition, you need to send us feedback about the found bug or your idea for PointPay platform development via a special form by clicking here:

Remember to read the rules of the Trading and Bug&Suggestions competitions.

Now that the winners have been announced, we can move on to this week's updates!



  • performance of deposit scan and balance refresh;
  • wallet address generation for ERC20 currencies.


  • Refactored the Payments tests;
  • Added precision processing for the amount of the transfer between Regular and Savings accounts;
  • Separated Mercuryo integration via API and widget based on partner requirements;
  • Completed lists of banned and allowed countries for payment systems, which will allow displaying only those that a particular user can use;
  • Implemented data collection on Regular accounts into the statistics service;
  • Updated CryptoBank's pipeline, environment variables, and autotests.



  • transaction speed by optimizing the matching robot;
  • the rate and accuracy refresh in the Order Book.

Mobile Apps


  • Completed an updated section of the Launchpad project;
  • Added SCALE and VIBRATE currencies;
  • Updated the user level icon at 0 PXP.


  • the handling of currency nets in several parts of the application;
  • the data fetching operation when opening the Deposit screen;
  • the performance of the metric displaying exchange rate changes over the past 24 hours;
  • operation of the Regular accounts;
  • display of the order filling percentage on the Exchange;
  • the operation of the Staking creation.


  • Adjusted the design of the Voting screen to match the layout;
  • Improved how the balance hides from prying eyes;
  • Implemented the selection of the network in the output flow by address.


  • validation for the minimum withdrawal amount;
  • new lines in the translation service.


  • Updated and extended the FAQ for all products;
  • Added a block for quick access to the user's balance with the ability to hide it from prying eyes;
  • Adjusted the calculation of the PXP amount needed to reach the next level for borderline cases;
  • Migrated the Launchpad product as a separate package within the UI Kit to improve development speed in the future.


  • referral program code automated testing coverage;
  • 2FA reliability by prohibiting multiple code referrals at the program level.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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  • Use to pay trading fees
  • Participate in voting and activities on Launchpad

Happy trading!

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