The Weekly Update is ready to be read! You can learn more about multi-network support for currencies. Furthermore, we have added five new trading pairs. Besides that, find numerous interface changes to the Android and iOS applications.

Read more about all the changes in the full version of the update below!


  • Improved Go Gateway logging in terms of working with Custodian.

Completed development of

  • White Label;
  • multi-network support for currencies;
  • accounting for frozen funds in Scoring.


  • Completed the frontend part of the re-purchasing cryptocurrency flow in the seamless Mercuryo integration;
  • Refactored receiving exchange rates and conversions.


  • widgets for Regular and Savings accounts within Dashboard;
  • the collection of frozen funds in Staking and Withdrawals to display in the user interface;
  • a new Buy/Sell Crypto manager that will control integrations with payment providers;
  • the server part of the PNL widget.


  • Released a new version of Matcher for better performance of the Exchange;
  • Made a public API on the backend side of the Exchange, so traders can connect directly to our system;
  • Added middleware on Prometheus to collect Exchange metrics, such as the number of requests, number of errors, and request time;
  • Updated settings and configurations for 5 new pairs, which will be available on Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved Sell Crypto flow by displaying currency equivalent and number of coins;


  • action buttons such as “Buy PXP”, “Trade”, “Buy Crypto by Card”, “Sell Crypto by Card”, “Stake” and “Send” to the Dashboard;
  • First and Last name display on the Dashboard;
  • Customer ID display in Settings;
  • displaying the number of active projects on the Launchpad icon in the Services tab;
  • Transfer between accounts button on the Dashboard;
  • Commas in the pair value display.


  • Hid the Accounts tab and added the Settings tab instead.


  • a display of the available coin balance in Launchpad flow;
  • the option to enter the amount of purchasable currency;
  • a display of the active projects amount on the Launchpad icon in the Services tab;

Made UI improvements on the app, namely:

  • Displayed $0.00 instead of $0.0 for a zero balance;
  • Removed "Buy PXP at the best price" widget from the Dashboard;
  • Fixed Regular and Savings text location on the Dashboard;
  • Renamed buttons “Buy Crypto” and” Sell Crypto” to “Buy Crypto by Card” and “Sell Crypto by Card” on the Buy/Sell tab.


  • “Accounts” to “My Accounts” on the Dashboard;
  • Tab name from “Market” to “Markets”;
  • “School” to “Crypto School” on the Services tab;
  • The tab name from “Payments” to “Buy/Sell”;
  • The location of the eye that hides the balance.


  • Transfer between accounts button on the Dashboard;
  • action buttons such as “Buy PXP,” “Trade”, “Buy Crypto by Card,” “Sell Crypto by Card,” “Stake” and “Send” to the Dashboard.


  • Moved the data and logic from the old Referral Program system to the new;
  • Adjusted the Report a bug modular window with video.


  • notifications on successful KYB passing;
  • backend functionality related to responding to user deletions regarding the Referral Program;
  • the layout page for the API Management in Settings.


  • display of notification bar at Registration in German;
  • display of User Levels, adding in the interface an indicator of the remaining amount of PXP to the next level and a “Buy PXP” button;
  • switching to the Spanish language.


  • Implemented file uploading through the Spatie library;
  • Started working on the Multiple sales rounds epic;
  • Prepared additional autotests for the Launchpad;
  • Improved the layout of the Voting cards;
  • Added a Voting Rules page.

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