Dear PointPay family!

We are continuing to develop at a rapid pace. We have recently implemented the Edit profile section so that you can change your first name, last name, username, and avatar. As for the PointPay Crypto Bank product, we have completed redesigning the Deposit and Withdrawal pages. We’ve also redesigned the User Data Settings page. See more in our PointPay Friday Update!

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Submitted for review and released version 7.7.1 in the App Store;
  • Fixed link to Trastra in debit card processing flow;
  • Stopped using GraphQL and switched to Rest;
  • Removed the Cancel button for sent invoices;
  • Tested version 7.7.2; we plan to send this version for review by the end of the week.


  • Increase CryptoCollateral flow by adding an LTV display on the account entry screen;
  • Partial and Full Repayment flows by adding modals with opening Buy Crypto, Receive At Address, and Create Invoice;
  • Displaying FAQ items in the CryptoLoans flow;
  • Operability of the scanner on the Dashboard;
  • the spelling of words in the CryptoLoans flow;
  • the Exchange flow, namely, changed the user redirect to the open orders tab after creating a limit and stop orders;

Improved display

  • of staking history;
  • of the list of cryptocurrencies in the Sell Crypto flow with the correct display of the available balance in fiat and crypto.


  • profile tab in P2P flow;
  • the Edit Profile section so that the user can change the first name, last name, username, and avatar;
  • a new TabBar in the P2P flow.


  • instructions for enabling 2FA Google Authenticator on email;
  • the P2P widget on the Services tab.

For Android mobile application

  • Sent for review and released build 6.4.2 in Play Market;
  • Implemented the Edit profile section so that the user can change the first name, last name, username, and avatar;
  • Fixed link to Trastra in debit card processing flow;
  • Removed flags in the language selection flow;
  • Tested version 6.4.3; we plan to send this version for review by the end of the week;
  • Changed the bottom TabBar in P2P flow.


  • Performance of Buy and Sell in the Exchange flow by adding modals Buy Crypto, Receive At Address, and Create Invoice;
  • Displaying Storyly titles in a dark theme;
  • displaying the Name field in the Invoices flow;
  • format for displaying the amount in the Exchange flow;
  • the spelling of words in the CryptoLoans flow;

Improved display

  • of the maximum amount in cryptocurrency in the Buy Crypto flow;
  • of staking history.


  • the P2P widget on the Services tab;
  • new events to Firebase to get more detailed user reporting;
  • events for CryptoLoans in Firebase to generate reports on clicks in the cryptoloans flow;
  • modal windows with the opening of choices to Buy Crypto, Receive At Address, Create Invoice for the Partial and Full Repayment, and Increase CryptoCollateral flows.

Interface Development

  • Implemented a redesign of the country settings in the personal account;
  • Updated Live Roadmap on the main page;
  • Investigated automatic unloading of transfers;
  • Redesigned the user data settings page;
  • Set up a backend part for filtering, searching, and deleting notifications;
  • Created a code review process;
  • After testing the avatar loading, we improved its display in the page header;
  • Set up a photo upload for an avatar larger than 2MB;
  • As part of the preparation of the backend for the referral program, we partially set up the environment and base for the project.


  • missing translations to authorization;
  • information about geolocation and status (online/offline) in response to the session during auto logout.


  • the validation of the avatar loading point;
  • image URLs to eliminate display when changing the profile picture.

CryptoBank Development

  • Processed loading errors and an empty list as part of the Account summary redesign;
  • Implemented the launch of operations in modal windows as part of the cryptobank redesign;
  • Improved the quality of Gift Cards’ performance.


  • a processor for system transfers to improve the internal quality of cryptoloans;
  • a client for the interaction of cryptoloans with other ecosystem services;
  • a cryptobank user flow scheme for subsequent interface optimization;
  • a team to check the status of the Exchange Order in the internal operations of the cryptobank;


  • the redesign of the Deposit and Withdrawal pages;
  • the second stage of building a database scheme for the statistics service. This will allow you to implement P&L and other useful reports;


  • the technical audit of Gift Cards for internal security;
  • detailed testing of Invoices for internal security.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Completed the processing of user requests. Funds were credited to user balances;


  • withdrawal functionality for all currencies;
  • the performance of Unified Balances in terms of wallet generation time;
  • the work of Sell Crypto flow in terms of security and reflection of blockchain operations.

P2P Development

  • Wrote technical product documentation for the mobile development team;
  • Integrated Crowdin and the translation package so that the service is translated into all supported languages;
  • Changed ad limits for sale — now they are specified in cryptocurrency instead of fiat;
  • Fixed Hint in select;
  • Sent out notifications for various events;
  • Refactored ad status change;
  • Reset payment methods when creating or editing an ad, as well as when switching buy/sell;
  • No longer requesting a contract update when the status is completed or canceled in an active contract. This will reduce the load on the database and, at the same time, increase the speed of work.

Created new APIs

  • to add a payment method for a user;
  • to return payment methods;
  • to return a single ad;
  • to return a list of user reviews.


  • contract number;
  • table and model for user payment methods;
  • copying the ad link to the clipboard;
  • method payment card to select;
  • “Max” button to the input;
  • checking of active announcements/contracts when deleting payment methods;


  • the ad closure;
  • the display of the amount in totalTraidingAmount when creating a buy ad;
  • balance display when creating a sell contract under the field “I want to sell”;
  • the appearance of a validation error when creating a contract;
  • the list of ads;
  • the performance of the Back button when previewing an ad.


  • user’s timezone;
  • sustainable scenario for creating contract payment transactions;
  • a mechanism for switching status Online/Offline.


  • pre-filling of days and hours when creating ads;
  • pre-filling of the Amount field when editing a purchase ad;


  • to not send floatingPrice when fixedPrice is selected during ad creation.

Exchange Platform Development


  • some fields in the Exchange responses via the API;
  • pagination in the Order History;
  • the display of buttons with the amount selection percentage when placing orders so that users can quickly select the correct amount for the order;


  • a section with documentation on WebSocket and HTTP API for interaction with our Exchange;
  • a new ticker to the API — All Market Mini.

Escrow Platform Development

  • Wrote technical product documentation for the mobile development team.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Extended the milestone model by adding a fee field to it. This allows setting a commission on deposits and payments on contracts;
  • Designed a moderation API scheme. This is the first step towards developing a contract/BIO moderation flow on our part before posting.


  • avatar thumbnail display;
  • the regular contract scheme;
  • endpoints to save employee/employer BIO;


  • the layout of the block with the current chat interlocutor;
  • a popup with information about the commission that the employer and employee will pay before payment;
  • an API scheme for moderation;
  • filtering of the list of contacts in the messenger.
  • the messenger API scheme to start integrating the frontend and backend for the messenger;
  • an endpoint for sending BIO for moderation;
  • a list and a company card for moderation.