Dear PointPay family,

Another week is coming to a close, which means it's time for the Weekly Update! We have the latest news, interesting events and activities, competition results, and crypto market news!


Let's start our Update with the announcement of the winner of the Bug & Suggestions competition! This week's best idea came from:

  • 22956731228

Congratulations on this victory! Your reward of 7,500 PXP will be credited to your account within a few working days! We've also launched a new round of Bug & Suggestions competitions, so anyone interested can participate and win PXP rewards! To compete for a prize, simply submit a discovered bug or a creative idea for PointPay's development through the designated form. The results will be announced next week.

PointPay Events and News

This week, PointPay continued its active expansion, and the community had the opportunity to participate in various events.

The highlight of the week was the expansion of PointPay's geographical reach! Eight new countries have been added to the existing list of 115: Morocco, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Brunei, Colombia, Benin, Serbia, and Uganda. Now, in each of these 123 countries, PointPay users can easily access all PointPay services and features without any restrictions! Furthermore, users of Apple products can now download the PointPay app to their smartphones, ensuring access to their assets, trading from anywhere, and participation in platform events!

One of the recent events was the voting for the cryptocurrency to be added to the PointPay platform. From the dozens of cryptocurrencies you submitted, we selected the top four that were mentioned most frequently. These cryptocurrencies are: MultiversX (EGLD), Quant (QNT), Blur (BLUR), and Turbo (TURBO).

From Tuesday to Friday, we conducted a vote on Twitter and Telegram, where PointPay users decided the fate of these assets! After counting all the votes, Quant (QNT) emerged as the winner! Soon, this asset will be added to the PointPay platform!

Also, a new cryptocurrency will soon appear on the PointPay platform! By a twist of fate, this asset is Turbo (TURBO)! As part of the collaboration, PointPay will list the TURBO token on its platform in the near future. What do you need to know about TURBO? First, the token's development is managed by AI Oracle and a group of volunteers. Second, TURBO is an excellent way to trade NFTs, as the project not only has its own collection of AI-generated images but also a full-fledged platform where users can create and sell NFTs using TURBO tokens!

Crypto News

There's a positive atmosphere in the crypto space. After hovering around $26,000 for a while, Bitcoin has once again risen and is currently trading at around $26,500. Along with BTC, other cryptocurrencies have started to rise, but not all of them have turned green.

One of the noteworthy news items of the week is the launch of a Telegram wallet by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and support of the TON blockchain. Together, these organizations have introduced a wallet called TON Space. What's interesting is that you can use it without additional registration if you're already a Telegram user. The seamless integration provides an excellent opportunity for Telegram's 800 million active users to start their cryptocurrency journey.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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