Friday means that it is time for the weekly update! We highlight enhancements in the front-end and security areas of the Payment System, as well as complex improvements to the Regular and Savings tabs.

Check Weekly Update with all the changes and details below!


  • Finished working on the report on user balances. This will allow us to identify discrepancies in balances and make adjustments accordingly quickly;
  • Improved the accounting system for closing treasury tasks and reconciliations. This allows us to improve financial accounting with the necessary level of detail.

Payment System

  • Finalized the fine-tuning of Simplex. Moved on to collaborative testing. This will enable our customers to make purchases through the payment provider Simplex;
  • Improved reconciliation system with Buy and Sell Crypto partners for better accounting of exchange funds.


  • Refactoring of the CryptoBank module (transactions opened in a modal window), so it may be used in all projects of the ecosystem;
  • Added new currency PIT and made commission notifications on depositing and withdrawing;
  • Investigated ways to implement a notification to output a canceled transaction to choose the best option.


  • email sending when Staking is completed to notify the user when the reward is received;
  • the display of the equivalent amount in fiat currency for users to simplify calculations;
  • all the recharge options available to users when they have insufficient funds to complete a transaction.


  • Added more limit order types to transaction history for easy analysis of your trades;
  • Introduced payment of trading fees in PXP;
  • Finalized the Trading API authorization mechanism, necessary to provide access to users;
  • Updated the HTTP handlers; this gives us flexibility and consistency of components when developing the services;
  • Refined the CMC API to comply with the final revisions by CoinMarketCap;
  • Improved the closing mechanism of the current candle so it looks more relevant on the chart;
  • Tuned the Go metrics export to Prometheus exporter to collect metrics from services and better monitor exchanges.

Mobile Apps



  • Tested the display of payment method icons in P2P flow at production environment, so users can distinguish payment methods by icons;
  • Changed the display of “Pass KYC” and “KYC Under Review” alerts from a UI perspective according to the new design;
  • Improved the display of available cryptocurrency balance in Flow Market when creating a Buy order so that users can see their exact balance.
  • the UI display of the Regular tab in the new Accounts tab where users can see their cryptocurrency balances;
  • the Cryptocurrency Details section in the Accounts tab. Users in the Regular or Savings tab can go to a specific cryptocurrency and see the details;
  • the Launchboard epic design which the team will start soon.


  • Added “Deposit”, “Transfer”, “Withdraw” and “More action” buttons in the new Accounts tab to allow users to navigate to different Deposit and Withdraw flows.


  • UI display of Regular ownership in the new tab of Accounts navbar, where users can see their cryptocurrency balances;
  • Launchboard epic design, which the team will be working on soon.


  • functionality of the Quick Exchange flow
  • Account Summary display.


  • Implemented building UI Kit as a separate package before distribution to product teams to improve frontend development process;
  • Prepared the layout for mapping the 3 levels of KYB, footer and header settings, registration to be implemented in the future;
  • Investigated data transfer from Authorization to Unified Balances, regarding logs for a day, for further decision on asynchrony;
  • Successfully tested the Referral Program after the implementation of statistical improvements;
  • Consolidated the migration to native Sumsub (KYC service) for future KYC processing to improve UX and make this step more synchronous for users.


  • the KYB-2 and KYB-3 backend framework for business accounts to enable users to register and use the platform as a business;
  • a separate endpoint for business registration for the future implementation of this feature.

HR Talent

  • Improved display of modal windows for talent, client, pop-ups by making pop-ups appear on top of modal windows;
  • Implemented a mechanism to automatically delete screenshots 2 weeks after they are paid out in hourly contracts.


  • task decomposition by hourly contract interface for more detailed scheduling;
  • account login window in the tracker desktop app.


  • logic to turn off tracking automatically when user doesn't perform any actions;
  • descriptions to the tracking intervals in hourly contracts to make it clear what the intervals are;
  • fields for calculating mouse and keyboard clicks for hourly contracts with tracker.


  • Improved opening of Voting list via direct link so that the list opens steadily;
  • Added a type field for Voting, so that it is possible to expose multiple labels per project for Voting.


  • Started working on connecting 2FA to P2P deals for more security for users;
  • Improved the display of some elements in the dark theme for better perception;
  • Revamped user rights implementation and moved them to a new admin panel to combine all management functionality in one place.


  • search in currency selection fields for better UX;
  • copying functionality to a field in a payment method, so that it can be copied faster;
  • window for entering data on new payment method for administrator in P2P payment method management interface;


  • mechanism for viewing current payment methods by administrator, which is the first step towards adding P2P top-100 payment methods;
  • dynamic label creation for translation service to speed up the process of entering lines.

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