Dear PointPay Family,

As the week comes to a close, it's time to wrap up and reflect on our achievements! We've compiled all of this week's PointPay news in one place, ensuring you don't miss a thing.

PointPay News

It's been a while since our last AMA session with the PointPay CEO. Many of you have already watched the live stream or its recording, available on our YouTube channel, to catch up on the latest updates and announcements.

This week, we have prepared the transcript of the AMA session for you! Now, you can read through everything that was discussed during the live stream, highlight key points, or refresh your memory on past and upcoming events.

You can read the transcript on our blog by following this link!

We continue to list new assets! Almost daily, we bring new additions to our platform. From classic cryptocurrencies to meme coins and stablecoins, you'll find an exciting range of new options.

This week, we have listed five new assets:

🔹Renzo (REZ)

🔹Frontier (FRONT)

🔹Portal (PORTAL)

🔹API3 (API3)🔹Phoenix (PHB)

🔹Frankencoin (ZCHF)

You can try out each of these assets on our exchange!

Crypto Market News

This week hasn't been very positive for Bitcoin holders and many other cryptocurrency investors. Last weekend, Bitcoin's price fell to $69,000, and by Tuesday, it had dropped further to $66-67,000.

Experts believe the cause lies in the outflows from Bitcoin ETFs. After 19 days of continuous growth, investors started selling Bitcoin, which led to a decline in its value.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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