Dear PointPay family,

We have accomplished a lot this week. We have finished implementing the Pay Seller screen in the Buy flow for the iOS app, which means that P2P users can now transfer fiat to sellers in their mobile app. Furthermore, we have implemented a new design of the FAQ, Live Roadmap, and Roadmap pages. We've also Implemented the display of the Talent rating on the HR Talent Platform. You can find out more in this week's PointPay Weekly Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Restored the PointPay application inside the Settings in the Notifications section;
  • Changed the functionality on the Dashboard in the following order: CryptoLoans, Buy PXP, Staking;
  • Conducted research on how best to implement chat
  • Released Version 7.7.4 for Appsflyer integration. The version is already available in the App Store;
  • Sent version 7.7.5 to the App Store for review.


  • the Pay Seller screen in the Buy flow in P2P, so that the user can transfer fiat to the seller on this screen;
  • integration with Appsflyer to measure the effectiveness of iOS app marketing;
  • the Payment Method screen in the Sell flow in P2P;
  • Cancel Contract flow in P2P;
  • Dispute Contract flow in P2P;
  • adding a payment method flow on the My Ads tab in P2P;


  • the display of contracts in the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • the display of the Profile tab in P2P;

Conducted testing of

  • P2P tab;
  • Contracts tab in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Released Version 6.4.5 for Appsflyer integration. The version is already available in the Play Market;
  • Improved the performance of the P2P tab;
  • Changed the functionality on the Dashboard in the following order: CryptoLoans, Buy PXP, Staking.


  • filter contracts by the amount on the P2P platform;
  • fiat contract filter on the P2P platform;
  • filter by payment method in P2P;
  • the ability to distinguish between the added payment methods in P2P;
  • Payment Method picker on the Total Amount screen in P2P;
  • screen selling cryptocurrency in P2P;
  • adding a payment method flow on the My Ads tab in P2P;


  • a successful purchase screen in the Buy in P2P flow;
  • an error handler in the Buy flow on the P2P platform;
  • a filter by the payment method in P2P;
  • the ability to leave feedback on the Buy screen in P2P;

Implemented a Total Amount screen in P2P, where users can

  • enter how much total amount of cryptocurrency they want to buy or sell;
  • limits in cryptocurrency and in fiat;
  • transaction limit;
  • payment methods;

Conducted testing of

  • P2P tab;
  • My Ads tab in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Updated Live Roadmap content;
  • Prepared a script for filling the referral with test data in order to further prepare for the release;
  • Added all social networks so that the user can easily go to any community from the site;
  • Set up the display of active sessions so that all users can see from which device they are currently logged in;
  • Merged front and back for referral program with mock data for dashboard testing;
  • Cleaned up the code and extra texts from the new Authorization module after the Personal Account redesign;
  • Set up SEO for the referral program to develop organic traffic;
  • Improved the display of the PXP Board by eliminating the duplicate that appeared when navigating through the products;
  • Fixed header width for better display.

Implemented new design

  • of the FAQ page;
  • of the Live Roadmap page;
  • of the Roadmap page.


  • the display of Device Management;
  • the display of the left menu in the FAQ section;
  • the development process by adding additional details to the final front-end layout of the Home Page and Authorization;
  • site interactivity.

CryptoBank Development

  • Made opening the list of created Invoices;
  • Substituted the date in the CryptoLoan repayment letter;
  • Optimized the determination of the withdrawal method based on the recipient entered by the user;
  • Installed Google Tag Manager to collect statistics;
  • Speed up the operation of the Transaction History.


  • a modal window with transaction details;
  • processing a request for the availability of currencies for Crypto Banking operations;
  • a table of transactions for a Regular account on the Transaction History page;
  • processing of a request for a list of transaction types;


  • Invoice commission display format with high accuracy;
  • work of CryptoLoans created in July to avoid problems with empty LTV;
  • displaying the available amount in the output in a dark theme;
  • displaying a modal window with the repayment of CryptoLoans in a dark theme;
  • the work of requests when updating the page in the CryptoLoans section;
  • the work of translations by email;
  • displaying a QR code on the Deposit page;
  • deduction of commission when creating a gift card;
  • filter operation by the period in transaction history;


  • hints for accounts in the Accounts summary so that the user can see the Savings and Regular parameters for each currency;
  • taking into account the commission when determining the sufficiency of funds during the Invoice payment;
  • a hint about PXP accruals in the Account summary so that the user can see the dependence of APY on the amount on the Savings account;

As part of the CryptoBank redesign

  • Improved the design of input fields;
  • Finished the layout of email letters;
  • Made a general structure of the transaction history.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Completed the analysis of 148 users and corrected their balance;
  • Completed Stage environment setup for Payment System through Mercuryo and MoonPay payment providers;
  • Improved Payment Gateway in terms of reflecting user transactions and the correctness of transaction statuses.

P2P Development

  • Conducted detailed testing of the product backend;
  • Improved the functionality of adding user payment methods;
  • Added a commission for crypto purchase transactions;
  • Set up backend logic for the future chat;
  • Covered a significant part of the functionality with autotests;
  • Made an adaptive layout for the list of user's payment methods;
  • Improved performance when entering the page;
  • Implemented adaptive layout for the Payment Methods page;
  • Improved the performance of payment methods.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Conducted a code audit and detailed functional testing;
  • Added the HR Talent FAQ to the general PointPay FAQ section;
  • Significantly improved the work of dates in the contract creation menu, removed the pre-filled date;
  • Implemented the display of the Talent rating;


  • Favorites button in unnecessary places;
  • the With period/Monthly selector in the Regular contract.


  • Settings for displaying BIO talents and clients;
  • displaying the names of the client and talent in the contract window;
  • displaying commissions for users;
  • the contract modal window; the pre-filled date and name have been removed;
  • the text on the file attachment button;
  • Messenger performance
  • Regular Contract performance.

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