Dear PointPay family,

The first week of the final month of spring is drawing to a close, and we're excited to bring you the latest edition of our Weekly Update. As always, we'll be sharing all the recent developments on the PointPay platform, the latest rankings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, as well as the winners of the most recent PointPay competitions.

Without further ado, let's start by announcing the winners!

  • 28392757661 wins the Trading competition and receives 5,000 PXP;
  • 16246388568 wins the Bug&Suggestions competition and receives 7,500 PXP.

To the winners, we extend our warmest congratulations! Your reward will be credited to you within a few business days. We recommend that you ensure that you've created addresses for storing PXP tokens.

We're also excited to announce that a new round of competitions is now underway. From now until the end of next week's Thursday (May 11th), you can participate by trading on the PointPay exchange or submitting your ideas for developing PointPay through a special form. And with an unlimited number of entries and victories, the sky's the limit! Best of luck to all who participate.

Now, let's delve into the changes that have taken place with PointPay services over the past week.

PointPay Weekly Update


  • Improved processing of BuyCrypto, orders are processed faster.



  • processing of requests to obtain a list of blocked CryptoBank services;
  • blocking of requests to create CryptoBank transactions based on the list.


  • Improved the accuracy of exchange rates conversion on QuickExchange service.

Mobile Apps


  • Added new error messages to Buy/Sell flow;
  • Removed automatic code resend in 2FA flow;
  • Implemented blocking of CryptoBank transaction creation based on the request list.


  • Added validation for minimum token sale amount in Launchpad;
  • Implemented blocking of CryptoBank transaction creation based on the request list.


  • Implemented notifications on the website and sending emails to users for registering referrals and paying rewards under the referral program;
  • Added information about users' mobile devices to the statistics service;
  • Migrated the referral system code to UI-kit to increase development speed and quality in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

CoinGecko (new record position!)

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