Dear PointPay family,

As we wrap up the week that kicked off the New Year, the festive spirit continues to linger in the air. Amidst the celebrations, it's easy to overlook significant news and events. That's why PointPay has gathered all the highlights for you in our Weekly Update!

PointPay News

Today, Friday marks the conclusion of the themed trading competition in celebration of the New Year. It's been a grand festivity, and the competition rewards were equally grand - $50,000 and 5 prize positions. Congratulations to the winners who received their "New Year's gifts"!

For those who couldn't participate, don't fret. Many more competitions lie ahead; just keep an eye on our announcements!

Furthermore, this week, we've prepared a transcript of the New Year's Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with PointPay's CEO. Vladimir shared a wealth of exciting information about PointPay's upcoming plans for 2024, summarized 2023, and addressed numerous user queries. All this valuable information is now available as an article on our blog. Read on to stay updated on everything happening at PointPay.

Additionally, our voting continues on Telegram to choose blockchains for PXP 3.0. The new, upgraded token will be available on multiple blockchains, and the decision on which ones lies with you! Follow the link and cast your vote for one or even multiple options. We'll announce the results by January 12th!

Cryptocurrency News

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, there's always much to discuss. For instance, as the new year commenced, Bitcoin surged to $45,000, marking a remarkably high point and a record for the past 21 months! However, the joy was short-lived as on January 3rd, we witnessed the price drop to $41,870. Currently, the price has stabilized around $43,800.

The reason for this decline stemmed from an analyst's forecast at Matrixport, expressing highly skeptical expectations regarding the potential launch of a Bitcoin ETF. In their report, the analyst doubts whether the SEC will approve any applications, and until the 10th, we anticipate a wave of rejections and decision delays. Interestingly, this document was accidentally made public and was not intended for distribution. Moreover, around the same time, Matrixport officially released another report expressing extremely optimistic expectations regarding the launch of a Bitcoin ETF.

Amidst this uncertainty and mild panic, traders sharply decreased the price of BTC, causing a noticeable downturn. However, aside from Matrixport, other analysts foresee a positive outcome regarding the ETF issue. In any case, the answers will come to light very soon.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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