Dear PointPay family,

The progress of development and improvement of our application does not stop! This time we've made multiple edits and improvements to the interface, optimized a number of features, and improved a few things as well.

You can read more in our Wednesday Update!

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Improved the display of the seller/buyer profile so that users can view the profiles of other users inside.

For Android mobile application

  • Improved fiat limit counting in P2P Sell flow ad creation, so that users can enter the correct fiat limits and create the ad;
  • Improved read/unread status display in Chats flow in P2P, so users can understand when their conversation partner read or unread a message;
  • Improved the UI to display the KYC-0 conditions for Exchange, Wallet, and Crypto School flows, since previously the conditions prohibited these flows, but in fact they are open even to users with the KYC-0 level;
  • Started testing the display of UI errors on the Android side, so that users can see the processed error with the design when the KYC level is not enough, rather than just a code error from the backend.

KYC on Mobiles

  • Improved the UI display of new KYC conditions, so that when users try to raise their KYC level, they can see what the limits are;
  • Improved the functionality of the back button on the My Ads tab in P2P, so users can navigate to the back screen without problems;
  • Changed the title text in the modal window of selecting cryptocurrencies from Payment Time Limit to Select Crypto in P2P, so that P2P users can see what is to be selected in the modal window;
  • Improved display of text entry fields Description and Auto-Reply in P2P in a dark theme, so users can see exactly what they are typing in these fields.

CryptoBank Development

  • We changed the order of KYC and 2FA checks, so that first the availability of the operation on KYC is checked. This will simplify the flow;
  • Made a new page on limits in CryptoLoans, where the user can see the current KYC level, the remaining limit and a table with the dependence of limits on the level of KYC;
  • Completed the design of the new Savings section, which will replace Transfer. Here the user will be able to conveniently view information on all savings accounts and to deposit the money in them.

Exchange Development

  • We added tools for quick exchange in Quick Exchange, so that users can conduct transactions on the instruments they are interested in more quickly;
  • We have improved filtering of orders in the history of transactions to make it easier for users to view the history for certain dates;
  • We have improved the logic of candlesticks display, especially the monthly ones. Now they will correspond to calendar segments.

P2P Development

  • We have improved the attachment of files to the Contract Chat;
  • Implemented a mechanism to determine the key business indicators (we will know the number of created contracts, their success rate, the turnover of transactions, etc.).

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Updated HR Talent's work with KYC limits. Correct processing and displaying of incorrect KYC levels;
  • Included new modal window about incorrect KYC level;
  • Implemented an endpoint to save tracking settings in the hourly contract.


  • Improved User Profile page, when after saving, the Telegram Username field was not highlighted in red;
  • We have improved the "Confirm password" field, so the new password is not changed without filling it in;
  • We have improved KYC page functioning, so the KYC page opens after switching from other products;
  • Improved display of Registration and Authorization forms where were no translations in Persian and Arabic;
  • Improved the display of the Quick Exchange section on the Home page when Persian is enabled;
  • Improved the display of the header when selecting Arabic, so that it flips over.

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