Dear PointPay family,

We have been working hard on the design of our interfaces. First, we completed the redesign of Quick Exchange. In addition, we have redesigned the main page of the Launchboard. We plan to release it tomorrow. You can read about it in our Wednesday Update.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Implemented the ability to add photos from the gallery to the Chats flow in P2P.


  • the “Add a New Payment Method” screen in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • the “Select Payment Method” screen;
  • Held a meeting with CryptoBank and Interface teams to synchronize the implementation of displaying the KYC errors.

For Android mobile application

  • Changed the KYC set-up;
  • Held a meeting with CryptoBank and Interface teams to synchronize the implementation of displaying the KYC errors.
  • Completely implemented the Contracts tab in P2P.


  • Shimmer on the Search screen for a Payment Method in P2P;
  • navigation to the Profile screen after adding a new P2P payment method;
  • the CryptoBank icon in the Add/Edit Payment Method in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Made instructions for new design breakpoints for all teams;
  • Removed duplicate text on the Registration page;
  • Corrected the display of the Sign in/Sign up buttons when opening the menu;
  • Added the ability to download videos for the Bug Report.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development


  • up-to-date statuses on pending withdrawal requests from Go Gateway to Unified Balances;
  • additional deposits from Custodians (BitGo/Fireblocks).


  • testing the Scoring service to check the correctness of the calculation of the withdrawal amount ( release planned);
  • development of the Payments Rate service for obtaining up-to-date Crypto Amount/USD rates.

Exchange Development

  • Made a conclusion on infrastructure adjustments from the DevOps team.


  • redesign of Quick Exchange;
  • PXP utility for the Exchange, now users will be able to pay commission in PXP.

CryptoBank Development

  • Switched to the Nexus package manager to simplify front-end development;
  • Removed the limit on the number of crypto loans due to the transition to KYC limits.


  • a list of Gift Cards as part of the CryptoBank redesign;
  • error handling from Unified Balances in CryptoBank.

Launchboard Development

  • Updated the design of the main page of the Launchboard (will be released tomorrow).

P2P Development

  • Improved requests for the implementation of mobile P2P, added additional filtering, and removed required fields;


  • the work of the P2P backend by fixing internal problems found during the regression;
  • user interaction through Chat, fixing a possible error when trying to read a message.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented the functionality for editing the HR Talent landing page;
  • Improved the filtering mechanism, got rid of filter overload;
  • Conducted full product testing.

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