Dear PointPay team,

It's time to see what we've accomplished so far. We were devoting our energies toward developing a P2P platform for our mobile apps. We've implemented functionality for editing and deleting ads in the My Ads tab in P2P for our Android app. Furthermore, we've conducted code analysis of HR Talent Platform Development and covered additional cases with autotests. This will allow us to minimize future bugs. See more details in our Wednesday Update.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application


  • navigation from Buy flow screen to Cancel flow screen in P2P;
  • a method for returning a list of timezones on the screen for entering nickname and timezone in P2P;
  • Changed return format of payment method attribute type from int to string;


  • flow Add Payment Method for Sell in P2P;
  • the ability to distinguish the added payment methods in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • Disabled fields:
  • contract type (Buy/Sell);
  • cryptocurrency type;
  • fiat currency type when editing My Ads in P2P.

For Android mobile application


  • functionality for editing and deleting ads in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • filter by type in the Contracts tab in P2P.

Interface Development


  • the Is_ReadOnly flag and the mechanism for changing it to the Users table;
  • KYC data in SNS events so that other products can work with this data and process it in accordance with the product business logic.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Prepared a release the final fix for the withdrawals (currently in testing);
  • Completed the development of a scoring system(ready for testing within the admin panel);
  • Identified issues with Sell Crypto.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed the redesign of the first block of the CryptoBank homepage and integrated the TrustPilot widget;
  • Improved the functionality of regular payments for CryptoLoans;
  • Improved the work of obtaining a list of CryptoLoans for mobile devices by implementing different versions of the API for mobile devices and the web.

P2P Development

  • Updated the logic for storing entities, which will improve the interaction between the backend and frontend;
  • Improved chat functionality.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Conducted code analysis and covered additional cases with autotests to minimize future bugs;
  • Improved approach to code reuse from Escrow.

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