Dear PointPay family,

We have added a Remarks screen in the My Ads tab for users of our Android app. This new feature will help you add a description and an auto-responder for your ad, as well as specify the time when your ad will be available.  We have also completed the design of the calendar in the Transaction History as part of CryptoBank’s redesign. Now it’s time to look at our Wednesday Update for a rundown of recent accomplishments!

Mobile App Development
For iOS mobile application

  • Improved the Sell Crypto flow performance so that users can easily sell cryptocurrency.

For Android mobile application

  • Improved performance of the filter by payment method in P2P;
  • Highlighted the selected item in the navigation menu in bold;
  • Removed the black border around the background of the P2P banner.


  • The Remarks screen in the My Ads tab in P2P, where the user can add a description, an auto-responder for the contract, and the day and time when the ad will be available;
  • Payment Time Limit on the Remarks screen in P2P so that the user can add the day and time when the ad will be available.

Interface Development

  • Applied auto-upload from CrowdIn for the Shared project;
  • Prepared samples and components for layouts of letters to users in a new design;
  • Created a password change confirmation email in a new design.

CryptoBank Development

  • Changed the error text about the need for 2FA;
  • Completed the design of the calendar in the Transaction History as part of the CryptoBank redesign;
  • Added additional data to the CryptoLoan repayment letter;
  • Replaced the library for settlements in Gift Cards and Invoices.

P2P Development

  • Added a reason for canceling a contract to get information from users about possible issues;
  • Implemented an adaptive layout of the ad creation window.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented auto-transition to the messenger when creating a chat;
  • Improved the performance of regular contracts, audited and ensured their work.

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