Take a look at the Wednesday Update with the latest changes! Today we implemented a redesign of the entire Quick Exchange flow for Android. Also, we improved the conversion of very small amounts when paying by card in the purchase module.

Read about other news in the full update below!


  • Adjusted the data in the pending outputs according to the transition to Multi-Networks;
  • Updated settings of available networks and currencies.


  • Upgraded formulas for the calculation of amounts for all currencies in the Savings widget;
  • Tested adding new currencies on the test server;
  • Completed processing of requests to calculate the amounts of frozen funds in different ecosystem services.


  • multi-network address generation module;
  • display of transaction status in the widget;
  • conversion of very small amounts when paying by card in the purchase module;


  • processing a request to add new currencies to the Rates service through the admin panel;
  • processing test currencies in the Rate service.

Mobile Apps



  • the display of the zero balance stub on the Accounts screen for the unauthorized user;
  • the design of the Details and Add Contact buttons on the Withdrawal Completed screen.


  • Implemented redesign of the entire Quick Exchange flow.


  • current PXP level, amount of PXP, and the remaining balance to the next PXP level on the Dashboard;
  • TBTC, ETH_TEST3, BNB_TEST currency code to test environment.


  • Tested KYC integration between Authorization service and consumers;
  • Checked the profit receipt from the referral.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Happy trading!

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