Wednesday's update is ready to be read! This time, most of the changes concern mobile applications, particularly the Android UI. In addition, we have finished the development of “Funds on Freeze” and refactoring exchange rates and conversions.

Read more details and other changes in the full version of the update below!


  • Completed the development of Funds on freeze. It will allow users to make withdrawals up to the amount on audit.



  • refactoring of exchange rates and conversion by switching to the internal rate service completely;
  • the flow of the first purchase/sale of currencies via seamless integration with Mercurio.

Mobile Apps



  • avatar display on the Edit Profile;
  • functionality of writing first, last, and username in the Edit Profile flow so that after KYC-1/KYC-2, they are loaded from SamSab;
  • login to the app after entering the PIN-code.


  • Added a display of the number of active projects on the Launchpad icon in the Services tab;
  • Improved the adding an avatar flow and limited the maximum file upload size to 100MB;
  • Made UI improvements on the app, namely:


  • the name of the tab from “Market” to “Markets”;
  • name of the “School” to “Crypto School” on the Services tab;
  • the tab name from “Payments” to “Buy/Sell”;
  • buttons “Buy Crypto” and “Sell Crypto” into “Buy Crypto by Card” and “Sell Crypto by Card” in the Buy/Sell tab;
  • the location of the eye that hides the balance on the Accounts screen (Regular/Savings);
  • “My Accounts” to “Accounts” on the dashboard;
  • Displayed the balance as $0.00 instead of $0.0 for a zero balance;
  • Hid the Accounts tab and added Settings tab instead;
  • Added Transfer Between Accounts button on the Dashboard near Regular and Savings accounts.

For both platforms, added

  • first and last name display on Dashboard above Customer ID;
  • Customer ID display in Settings.


  • Adjusted the error language to match the selected by the user during registration;
  • Swapped User ID and Settings when clicking on private accounts in the header to show them in order;
  • Updated the Trust Pilot link on the Home page;
  • Configured to display a warning regarding the invalid entry of email address.

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