Wednesday's update is ready for perusal! This time we released the 7.9.0 app version on the App Store and added sending email for all important events on the platform, e.g. buying tokens, returning staked tokens, etc. We also improved the Launchpad and Exchange interfaces.

Check out the details of all the changes in the full version of the update below!


  • Improved modal window performance with notification of insufficient KYC level in Buy/Sell Crypto;
  • Completed a C4 diagram as part of a new Buy/Sell Crypto architecture version.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved functionality on the Dashboard when Sign in without registration;
  • Released 7.9.0 app version in the App Store, including tasks like Launchpad and bug fixes. The new version of the app is available for users.


  • Displayed notification of coins available for purchase in the modal window in Launchpad coin purchase flow;
  • Made changes to the Exchange in the Login Without Registration flow.

Improved the display of

  • You Receive field in the Quick Exchange flow;
  • the Continue button in the Sign-In flow after an invalid code was entered;
  • text on a dark background when you click on NFTSky.


  • Added sending a KYC to SNS and restarted to finalize sync with SumSub service;
  • Worked on the translation fallback to improve internal processes regarding translation exports;
  • Prepared for testing the new bidding charts where the data inside iFrame is loaded first.


  • error handling and profile picture uploading on the test environment;
  • the percentage calculation for the Referral program by getting it displayed correctly and updating the calculation at 40%.


  • Added an email newsletter for all important events (buying tokens, returning staked tokens, etc.) to notify users when important transactions are made on Launchpad;
  • Implemented an endpoint that returns information to CryptoBank about funds on Launchpad.

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