The latest updates to the PointPay services are available in the Wednesday Update. This time, we focused on improving convenience. That's why we've added the function of downloading transaction history. We also made sorting of the cryptocurrencies list by popularity. In addition, we performed several front-end changes to improve the perception of different services.

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  • Completed working on the “Download the history of transactions in CSV format” function on the Regular account;


  • the stability of rate updates of currencies received from partners;
  • sorting of the currencies list, adding a popularity option.


  • processing of requests for downloading the transactions history in CSV format on a Savings account so users can download their history;
  • proxying requests for user instructions when buying or selling in Circle Wire so that users will be able to make Wire payments in the future.


  • Moved trigger orders from PHP to the Go language, which will allow us to maintain the service more efficiently in the future;
  • Finished the backend functionality for My Trades in the Terminal, allowing active traders to track their trades conveniently.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved project token purchase functionality in Launchpad flow so users can buy tokens;


  • displaying the picture correctly when there are no active projects in the Launchpad tab;
  • displaying projects on the Stage.


  • Implemented support for TotalCheckingBTC, TotalSavingBTC, and TotalAllBTC screens in v2/bank/accounts/summary-total so the user can see how much BTC they have separately in their Regular and Savings accounts;
  • Displayed a code filler when entering 2FA Email when logging into the app.


  • SnackBar with copy response throughout the application;
  • a Buy PXP header above the Buy PXP at the Best Price widget;
  • automatic code verification after entering the required number of digits.


  • the text in the instructions on how to enable 2FA via GA according to the layout;
  • the display of the fiat picker in Flow Accounts.


  • Changed Launchboard's name to Launchpad in Settings;
  • Added a field to the “Users and API” table to specify the reason for the Read Only rights in the admin panel;
  • Moved translations after cleaning up modal windows on KYC notifications.


  • the develop branch so that developers can continue their work;
  • Roadmap API, to make it easier for the team updating the content to work with it.


  • Prepared Launchpad for load testing;
  • Made the backend capable of linking projects on the Voting to Battle.

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