Wednesday's update is now available for your perusal! Read about the latest news and changes in PointPay services. For example, about the new 7.8.5 version sent to the App Store for review. Or find out about new features, such as generation of CSV file with transaction history. Also, several more languages have been added to the site.

Find out more details as well as other news in the full version of the update below!


  • Completed generation of CSV file with the history of transactions on the user-defined filters and implemented the sending of the file via the email.


  • Created two endpoints to receive data on the marketplaces to analyze the Exchange's activities.


  • integration of balance updates via a WebSocket using the new trading API on the front-end to do the Terminal work more efficiently;
  • the task of minimum orders on the Exchange, allowing orders to be executed more efficiently.

Mobile Apps


  • Added number of orders to open orders tab;
  • Performed regression testing on all tasks that were added to version 7.8.5;
  • Uploaded version 7.8.5 to the App Store for review.



  • the performance of the app after switching to the Launchpad flow;
  • translations in the application by selecting Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, and Persian languages;
  • 2FA flow through Google Authenticator; now users will have animation when entering the right/wrong 2FA GA code.


  • Replaced the picture with an animation on the Home page;
  • Added notification when re-visiting personal account page with KYC settings about the successful completion of KYC level to keep the user informed;
  • Improved the display of banners, links, and fields where was no information;
  • Changed the local environment for SNS/SQS to improve development and monitoring;
  • Turned off tokenshell crons to improve the development process.


  • Improved validation of document names added to the project to display documents more correctly to clients;
  • Added a parameter with the number of tokens available for purchase to display that number when purchasing.

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