The Wednesday update is here and ready for you to read! We have made a number of important changes. At first, Fireblocks security has been improved. We’ve also fixed a potential vulnerability in one of the libraries used. In addition, we have implemented "top project voters".

Read about other changes, as well as details, in the full version of the Update below!


  • Implemented KYB Limits to the Unified Balances side to enable inference for corporate accounts;
  • Agreed on an approach to adjust balances based on deposits to old wallets.


  • the speed of the Fireblocks console UI. This will allow us to organize operational work without delay;
  • Fireblocks security by updating accesses.


  • Implemented a drop-down list with payment system selection as part of the Buy/Sell Crypto redesign.


  • Completed development of the Markets page with a list of all available pairs for trading;
  • Made an internal CMC page for debugging data sent to partners.

Mobile Apps


  • Made an automatic build for the simulator as a technical task.


  • the display of Vietnamese when selecting a language;
  • the display of fiat currency icons in the Quick Exchange flow;
  • the display of the selected fiat currency in the profile in the Quick Exchange flow.


  • Added "Review" status display on the Identity Verification screen, so that the user will have a “Pending” status displayed at the time of KYC verification;


  • username resizing, so that a user whose username consists of a large number of characters was compressed and looked understandable;
  • Stake PXP screen by repositioning the vertical cursor and removing non-significant zeros.


  • Disassembled one of the potentially vulnerable libraries and improved the configuration, improving security;
  • Investigated an incorrect number of notifications after a transfer between accounts and authorization and found a solution.


  • Implemented getting a list of "top project voters" to display the winners table;
  • Improved the backend for the project list by adding several returnable fields to show more complete project information on mobile devices;
  • Added a project-type display, with instructions on how to invest in it.

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